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Babylon Story
UnlockableHow to unlock
Babylon StoryBeat The Hero's Story
Babylon Story ModeComplete Team Sonic's Adventure Mode (Hero's Story)
Amy Rose VS Storm AlbatrossComplete Stages Gigan Device, Nightside Rush and Snowy Kingdom
Missions 5, 6 and 7Complete Mission 1, 2, 3 and 4
Sonic, Jet & Friends VS Master Core ABISComplete Securuty Corridor (Come 1st Place)
Boulevard 90sComplete Babylon Rouges Story
Play as Sonic on Babylon Rouges' StoryGet to the Stage Master Core ABIS
3 on 4 RaceComplete the 1st 4 Stages oon Babylon Story
Jet's PowerWatch the 1st Cutscene of Babylon Story
Wave's WishWatch the 1st Cutscene of Babylon Story
Storm's DissagreementWatch the 1st Cutscene of Babylon Story
Amy's Lost SightseeingWatch the 3rd Cutscene of Babylon Story
Sonic and Jet's Team UniteWatch the Semi-Final Cutscene of Babylon Story
Gigan Rocks ThemetrackDo Stage 1 Gigan Device
Meteo(r) tech Premisis ThemetrackDo Stage 4 Amy Rose VS Storm Albatross Race
Aquatic Capital Ver. 2 StageDo Stage 5 Storm's 4 minute Relay
Aquatic Capital Soundtrack RemixDo Stage 5 Storm's 4 minute Relay
Wave's Snowman Meteor RushUse Gravity Dive on Stage 3
ABIS' Secret Meteor AttackAttack Master Core ABIS 4 Time
Unlock Characters that aren't from Sonic Games
They should have added more like Alex Kidd, Beat ect,
UnlockableHow to unlock
AmigoComplete all Missions
NightsComplete all Missions
Billy HatcherComplete all Missions
Unlock Stages (All Unlockable Stages)
Every Stage (If you can't hear the Glass sound effect you didn't listen hard enough it only works on Megalo Station of Story Mode at the beggining of the race.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Megalo Station (With 1 Glass Sound Effect)You can't play that stage in Free Race or any other mode it only works after the cutscene when Sonic falls down and says "Yahooooooooo!"
Botanical KingdomCome 1st place on Stage 2 of Team Sonic
Meteortech PremisesBeat Wave on Stage 3 of Sonic's Story
Aqautic CapitalYou can't see Jet, or Wave but try to beat them (Get a time under 3 minutes and 23 seconds)
Gigan RocksBattle 7 SCR-GPs in a race and come first on Story Mode
Crimson CraterBeat Jet, Wave and Storm in Stage 5 of Sonic's Story
Gigan DeviceGet a better time than the time limit in Babylon Story
Nightside RushBattle 7 SCR-GPs and come 1st place
Snowy KingdomIt doesn't matter if you don't beat the 7 SCR-GPs just get a time under the time limit
Meteortech SparkworksBeat Storm in the Race on Babylon Story
Waterway TempestGet to the Goal under (4:00:00)
Security CorridorBeat Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy in The 6th stage of the
80s BoulevardComplete Babylon Story
90s BoulevardComplete Babylon Story
Astral BabylonComplete Babylon Story
Mobius Stripomplete Babylon Story


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Angel/Devil Board
The Angel/Devil board is an unlockable board you get for beating the Babylon story. It transforms in two different ways. Collect enough rings to shift gears. Look at the gear icon and it'll be spinning. Yellow is the angel gear and purple is the devil gear. Press A as soon as the icon spins to the one you want to transform into it. Now, I'm not sure what the angel gear affects, but the devil gear gives you a pretty good speed boost and looks awesome to boot.
Beating Abis
Entry Location:
Mobius Strip Race

When you finally get to the Mobius strip course, your mission will be to defeat Abis in 5 minutes! In order to finish a lap, you have to damage Abis twice. In order to damage him, wait for the automatic gravity trigger. Use meteor bursts to keep up your gravity bar and make sure you get to him first. If you don't he won't take damage. On the second lap, he'll shoot bullets a you after you damage him and on the final lap, he'll shoot meteors. Beat him and watch the awesome ending.
Getting Better Times
Always use a Speed Character. They have some neat boards and characters like Sonic, Shadow and Blaze.

Their grinding abilities constantly replenish lost GP, they have better speed to start off with too.

Make sure when using a gravity dive to always to engage it earlier than later and also to try and aim to launch over the edge of the corner.

At the start, walk slowly backwards to around the 70 mark, once there sprint as fast as you can with your speed character.

Remember to use the best board possible.

Also, learn the track you're using. Check up on guides, experiment what type works best and what the leaderboards say.

Keep trying, and I hope you get on the leaderboards.
Magic Broom Gear
Beat Hero Mode to unlock the Magic Broom board.
Magic Broom Gear
Beat Hero Mode to unlock the Magic Broom board.
Tip on gravity boost
well before you get into a 90 degree turn and before the warning to use gravit boost try boosting then. your turn will be much faster and you'll most likly pass everbody else
Unlock Devil/Angel Board
Beat the game on Babylons story.
Unlock Mission Mode
Mission Mode is unlocked in the game once you've beaten Story Mode at least once.
Unlockable: Movies
To unlock new movies, try the following. Two new movies can be unlocked by completing the Babylon Story in its entirety, while a third movie can be unlocked by completing the Heroes Story in its entirety.
Unlockable: Super Sonic
Entry Location:
Mission Mode

To unlock super sonic you need to finish ALL missions, on EXTREME rank (gold).

You get "chaos emerald" as extreme gear [gear 46] (only useable with sonic). When you start a race you will keep walking until you have collected at least 1 ring. Super Sonic's speed is like any other racer (around 150)

Ring Capacity UP (up to 125 rings)
Ring Capacity UP (up to 150 rings)
Magnetic Barrier (unlimited ring magnet)

- can use POWER passages
- when you reach an amount of rings (I don't know exactly which count, it'll be like 50-60) you get a blue-shield-like thing in front of sonic, and he'll go a bit faster (180) you can knock players down in this mode but you can't take the bouncer passages.


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HoverBoard Unavailable
To Stop Riding your hoverboard you need the Chaos Emeralds and turn into Super Sonic To Get Super Sonic you Must Get all EXTREME! Ranks in Missions (For Team Sonic and Team Babylon) Look for the Chaos Emerald Gear as Sonic and Sonic Will Say "Behold, The Power of The Chaos Emeralds" At the Start of a race After you pass the starting line Sonic will Jump on his Hoverboard Get Rings and you will turn into Super Sonic. Stop Getting Rings for a While then you will transform back into plain, old, Sonic. Tilt the Wiimote how your supposed to or put the Control (Grey) Stick up if you're using the GameCube Remote. This doesn't wprk in Mobius Strip (Mobius Strip is where you battle Master Core ABIS for 5 minutes)

Note: if you just use Plain, Old Sonic With HoverBoard get rings and then Fall Down the Edge, It Won't WORK! it only Works when Sonic Says "Behold, The Power of the Chaos Emeralds

Easter eggs

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Alex Kidd!
Alex Kidd isn't playable but he's in the game.

Stage: 80s Boulevard
Character: Any
Gear: Any
Unlock 80s Boulevard: Complete Babylon Story

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