Sonic R review
Good racing if your PC can handle it

The good:

Different style of gampelay compared to other Sonic titles. Good variety of racetracks. Excellent music & sound effects. 2 player option. Hidden characters to unlock.

The bad:

Poor graphics. Very bad performance on slower PCs.


A totally different Sonic game than others, this one attempts to make a racing game out of the franchise. It actually is quite good, with several different tracks and a variety of familliar (and not so familiar) characters.
The graphics here are, for a PC title, exceptionally poor, especially if you have to run the game on low-res mode. The pixelization is just horrible and there's virtually no detail-everything appears blurry. If you're running a PC with anything faster than a 300 processor, this is not an issue but if you're stuck with something like a 150 or so, you'll be unable to run high-res or it'll be ultra-slow. The sounds & music are pretty good-each song has it's own rock song complete with vocals, and the sound effects come right out of other Sonic titles. Turn the music off if you've got a slow PC, though, because it does affect the game's performance.
The controls are more like a racer than a Sonic title-each character has different strengths & weaknesses and simply going fast will not always win races. They're also a bit more complex than other Sonic titles-you can use a joystick but the keyboard is highly recommended. 2 player play on the same keyboard is possible but a real workout. Gameplay is also enhanced by hidden characters plus having to find Chaos Emeralds to complete the game and unlock the secrets, plus ring collecting to get in-race shortcuts.
If you've got anything but a bare-bones PC that just makes minimum requirements to run this game, it's a good pickup if you're a Sonic fan. If you've got the minimum, you'll have to make some compromises but it won't prevent you from giving this a try. Another decent bargain bin pickup.

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