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Sonic Pinball Party review

The good:

The graphics are decent enough, I suppose...

The bad:

Everything else!


Remember Sonic Spinball? Yes, that super-frustrating Mega Drive game which was converted into an even more frustrating Game Gear game. Well, it's back - almost.

SEGA is going through a period of thinking it can release any new pile of Hedgehog droppings into the shops and get away with it. Of course, Target #1 is Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, which sees its relentless supply of terrible Platformers and Mario Kart clones. So now they decide to clone a less-popular type of game...

Does the GBA really need another pinball title? No! I mean, fine - had they made it original, it would have worked. But they didn't and it doesn't, respectively.

Of course, this game has the secret weapon of millions of fans with their "WOW COOL IT'S SONIC SO I'VE GOTTA BUY IT!!!" attitudes behind it, as well as the "DUDE NIGHTS IS IN IT AS WELL! COOOOOOOL!" idea. It's the perfect way to sell millions of copies of a £30-£40 game which should be selling for five quid - in the bargain bin (if ANY price would make this game classifiable as a "bargain").

The game is a standard pinball game which takes place primarily in the various Zones of Sonic Advance. While zooming through those amazingly detailed Zones for the first time, I could never have imagined that they would ever be used for something this pathetic. The gameplay is fairly simple, but the objectives are so boring that you're better of playing the free pinball game you get on most modern computers - at least it's pretty much free!

The originality of playing as Sonic in a pinball game soon wears off, leaving this game as the boring waste of a perfectly good cartridge that it is...

Only buy this game if you can find it for £5 or less - you may have a chance of not being disappointed then...

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