Sonic Pinball Party review
Sonic Pinball Paty? Sounds Like Sonic Spinball.

The good:

I don't think anithing unless you like pinball like me (to be honest, I like pinball a little bit.)

The bad:

Almost everything exept the new game in the Tiny Chao Garden


STORY MODE 4/10: Story Mode is hard. Fighting Knuxis hard. I am still on tails. The mode is a mess and not worth playing.

ARCADE MODE 7/10: Better than Story modes, you get to play 3 diffrent tables. SONIC, NiGHTS and The music monkey one. Sonic is just like Story mode. So thats a big deal. NiGHTS is good but a little bit girly, and The music monkey one is fun, but short and theres no ball saver.

SCORES 2/10: Ahh! Sonic gots 1,000,000 points in all modes! Tails has got 500thousend les, and Knux got 500thousend and keeps going on. I don't know what SEG means But I thinks it's SEGA with 500,000 points. big deal.

TRANING 1/10: All you have to do is pick a table and learn. This is for babies. TRANING IS FOR SHAMELESS GEEKS!

TINY CHAO GARDEN 9/10: It's the only mode worth playing. Theres another game! Yippee! Yahoo!

CAPPILOS 3/10: What is this???

Overall 4/10: Rubbish. If you want to buy a game like this, you need more reviews. C'MON! Dont buy this game. The only reason I bought it's because I thought It will be a game with wicked moves, but I was tricked.

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