Sonic Pinball Party review
Sonic Spinball? Nah, but you're close


Remember the game "Sonic Spinball" for the sega genesis? well give it some steroids and you've got sonic pinball party.

As with any sonic game, the story is pretty basic. the evil Dr. Eggman has captured your friends and put them under some kind of mind control.

how do you get your friends back, you ask? why, you beat them in pinball, of course! o_0

the story mode consists of short pieces of dialog that gives you your objective in the current pinball game. then you actually play pinball and try to complete your objective to move on.

the game plays quite well, being one of the few pinball games anywhere to be able to hold your attention for quite some time (especially if your a sonic fan).

within each machine you can activate all sorts of modes, mini games, and other sorts of ball bearing shooting goodness, that earns you boat loads of points.

there are 3 basic machines: sonic, nights, and samba di amigo. within each machine you can go onto different levels, which changes the appearance of the machine slightly, and changes the enemies. (in the sonic machine you can go through all of the levels of sonic advance ^^)

in addition to the story mode, there are a wealth of other modes to keep you busy. such as arcade, casino, and even tiny chao garden (it's basically the same thing from sonic advance 1 and 2).

Did i forget anything? good, cause it's time to break it down.

Gameplay: 4, whether you like pinball or not, this game is fun and entertaining. theres so much to do in one machine that you'll be occupied for hours just trying to activate everything. and if you want insane action, activate the multi ball, which releases 3 balls all at once on you...

Story: 2.5, dont let this low score deterr you, sonic games have never been big on story. just like any good sonic game, the story isn't the main draw.

Graphics: 4.5, this game offers some great visuals, displaying plenty of spice and color. the graphics rarely become boring.

Sound: 5, sonic music is some of my favorite music, and sonic pinball party has alot of my favorite music. along with the music are some classic sonic game sound effects, and some recognizable pinball machine noises, too.

Sonic pinball party offers a satisfieing 2D pinball experience that is hard to find anywhere else. you'll be hard pressed to find a pinball game as fun and challenging as this.

For its fun gameplay, colorful visuals, and sonic nostalgia, Sonic Pinball Party for the GBA earns every part of a solid steel 4, out of 5.

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