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The good:

The graphics are decent enough, I suppose...

The bad:

Everything else!


Remember Sonic Spinball? Yes, that super-frustrating Mega Drive game which was converted into an even more frustrating Game Gear game. Well, it's back - almost.

SEGA is going through a period of thinking it can release any new pile of Hedgehog droppings into the shops and get away with it. Of course, Target #1 is Nintendo's Game Boy Advance, which sees its relentless supply of terrible Platformers and Mario Kart clones. So now they decide to clone a less-popular type of game...

Does the GBA really need another pinball title? No! I mean, fine - had they made it original, it would have worked. ...


Sonic Pinball Paty? Sounds Like Sonic Spinball.

The good:

I don't think anithing unless you like pinball like me (to be honest, I like pinball a little bit.)

The bad:

Almost everything exept the new game in the Tiny Chao Garden


STORY MODE 4/10: Story Mode is hard. Fighting Knuxis hard. I am still on tails. The mode is a mess and not worth playing.

ARCADE MODE 7/10: Better than Story modes, you get to play 3 diffrent tables. SONIC, NiGHTS and The music monkey one. Sonic is just like Story mode. So thats a big deal. NiGHTS is good but a little bit girly, and The music monkey one is fun, but short and theres no ball saver.

SCORES 2/10: Ahh! Sonic gots 1,000,000 points in all modes! Tails has got 500thousend les, and Knux got 500thousend and keeps going on. I don't know what SEG means But I thinks it's SEGA with 500,000...


Sonic Spinball? Nah, but you're close


Remember the game "Sonic Spinball" for the sega genesis? well give it some steroids and you've got sonic pinball party.

As with any sonic game, the story is pretty basic. the evil Dr. Eggman has captured your friends and put them under some kind of mind control.

how do you get your friends back, you ask? why, you beat them in pinball, of course! o_0

the story mode consists of short pieces of dialog that gives you your objective in the current pinball game. then you actually play pinball and try to complete your objective to move on.

the game plays quite well, being one of the few pinball games...

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