Sonic: Lost World review
Sonic, should this game be lost in the worlds, or not?


I can see why people don't like this game. But I can also see why people DO like this game.


The controls. I appreciate SEGA trying to be innovative. But why would you have to HOLD a button to run in a sonic game? Mario, i understand, but SONIC?

The voice acting. Not Tails, or sonic. Just Zor and Amy. Amy sounds like a man trying to do a woman's voice. And Zor just sounds like a normal teenager, not an emo.

The cutscenes. I like the story, but some parts were just cheesy. And i mean cheesy like you want to turn down your volume so your roomates don't wonder what the **** you're listening to. And some parts just make you wonder... "What the **** was that" Like, eggman punching a wall. Really? And Eggman's "Death".... C'mon sega.

Difficulty. I feel like some of the bosses and stages were a bit easy. I mean, the final boss? I feel like they HAD to put Eggman as the final boss. But that doesn't mean everything was easy.

Wow, this game had quite a few negatives. But I feel like I'm forgetting something.... Hm...


The deadly six. I love the deadly six. [Except for Zor.] They have [literally] colorful personalities. And are hilarious.

Music- I like the songs. It's a sonic game so of course they're amazing. But they do sound like a bunch of sonic music tracks mixed together. [Lookin' at you, windy hill.]

Level design- Here it comes. The level design. That's what makes this game unique. it's so fun to run around the levels in this game. And the parkour engine is obviously the best in any sonic game. Everything's so blockish, I love it. But even though it's perfect for the quick step, the don't have it... Weird.

Controls- Yeah, the controls are good and bad. I like how you have the bounce bracelet right away. And the flying kick was an amazing addition. Okay, not amazing, but it was fun and convinient so I didn't have to kill each enemy one by one. Too bad it takes about two seconds to pull off.

Story- Remember how i said i liked the story? It's different from the others, and has some twists too. And hey, the hilarious and un-seperatable (Now literally) Orbot and cubot are back! I loved them in sonic colors. But Sadly, they're not as funny as they were before. I don't know why, maybe because Cubot's voice chip, but they're still hilarious.

Overall, this is still a good game. But I would wait for a price drop, or get a used copy. I liked it, but not the best sonic game, I still have a place in my heart for colors.


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