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Lost in the World

The good:

+ + One of the better stories in a Sonic game, and arguably the best of recent times.
+ Diverse levels across seven zones, but some fall a bit flat.
+ + + As per usual, a great soundtrack

The bad:

- - Controls are troublesome on later stages, and sometimes in earlier stages.
- Final Boss fight is a bit underwhelming, especially after a build up of better final boss fights
- - The special stages are good, but the use of gyroscopic controls makes them too fiddly.


Don't get me wrong. This game is good. But something is lacking within. It's a typical Sonic affair. Eggman's up to no good, and Sonic and Tails set out to stop him. Amy and Knuckles are in the game too, but Knuckles hardly does anything, and Amy is just for contact with the Earth below, and due to a very specific plot point, I can't say more than that. The Lost Hex, where the action takes place, is home of the Zeti, who are under Eggman's control. The story has some interesting twists in it, but the end result can be predicted. The best part of this story has already been shown to hype up...


Sonic, should this game be lost in the worlds, or not?


I can see why people don't like this game. But I can also see why people DO like this game.


The controls. I appreciate SEGA trying to be innovative. But why would you have to HOLD a button to run in a sonic game? Mario, i understand, but SONIC?

The voice acting. Not Tails, or sonic. Just Zor and Amy. Amy sounds like a man trying to do a woman's voice. And Zor just sounds like a normal teenager, not an emo.

The cutscenes. I like the story, but some parts were just cheesy. And i mean cheesy like you want to turn down your volume so your roomates don't wonder what the **** you're listeni...

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