Sonic and Knuckles Collection review
An excellent package deal for the price

The good:

Price is low. Graphics & sounds are exactly like they were on Genesis. 3 different games included. You can play all 3 as both Sonic and Knuckles. 2-player and hidden games included. You can now save your games to your PC.

The bad:

Not much variety in the 2 player games.


This compilation CD collects 2 titles originally released on Sega Genesis (Sonic 3, Sonic & Knuckles), and adds a PC-enhanced version, Sonic 3 & Knuckles. The major change to these games over previous Sonic titles was the ability to play them as Knuckles instead of Sonic-since both had different unique abilities, it was like playing 2 games instead of 1. This added all kinds of replay value to the games. Additionally, this PC version alows you to save your progress through the games, so you don't have to try and so it all in one sitting.
If you've played these games on Sega Genesis, they're exactly the same as before, at least with regards to graphics, sound, gameplay, & conrols. The graphics are quite good for a 16-bit game, and even on PC the conversion is near-flawless. The gamplay's as fast as ever, which does raise some minor sudden slowdown issues at times. Music & sounds are good, with nice sound effects throughout, especially the chime/ringing when you pick up a ring. Controls are good whether you choose to use the keyboard or a joystick (a stick is recommended)-it takes a little time to get comfortable with controlling the characters because sometimes you go so fast and can't react as quickly as you'd like. Gameplay-wise, the ability to play the old Sonic games as Knuckles double the replay value and additionally, each character can access areas the other one couldn't. There are also hidden games to unlock via passwords if you can find them. 2 player options are included, primarily split-screen racing, but the areas are too small and lack obstacles. It would've been nice to have a co-op option for the main game instead, like Sonic 2 had.
Still, for Sonic fans as well as anyone looking for reasonably-priced ports of old console favorites, this is a great pickup. Not everyday you can get 3 great games for less than the price of one! This one should be esy to find in bargain bins and is a great addition to any retro game fan's library.

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