Sonic and Knuckles Collection (PC) Cheats

Sonic and Knuckles Collection cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Cheat your way to the end!!!!!
First, insert CD. Then, do that other stuff till you get to the game selection screen. Now, select Sonic 3. Go to Angel Island (first level. Either start a new game or continue a game (if your saved game is at lv 1.)Find a swinging vine and jump on it until the caracter grabs on. Then, enter the following sequence: left, left, left, right, right, right, up, up, up. Then reset the game (Alt + R). Select Launch Base Act 2. Play and beat that level. (If necessary, start on Launch Base Act 1 to build up those lives.)Now go to the main menu (the menu with the game datas). The game data you started with should say CLEAR. Then, collect those Chaos Emeralds. Now, you are done.
Kuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 3
To get knuckles in sonic 3 first choose "sonic the hedgehog 3" on the game select menu. Next, activate the "level select" code by going to Angel Island Act 1 with anyone and grabbing onto the swinging vine and quickly pressing left, left, left, right, right, right, up, up, up. You should hear a chime. Next press ALT+R. At the title screen press down twice. You should see "sound test". Don't select it. Instead go to "Competition Mode" and choose to play as knuckles in any 2 player stage. When it starts press ALT+R to go back to the title screen. Next pick "level select" and choose a course. (I don't know how to activate: Flying Battery, Mushroom Valley or, Sandopolis.) You should begin as Knuckles. Be very careful as some of the courses don't have a floor in some places causing you to fall and die. Also, Knuckles can not finish Launch Base Act 2 because at the end there is no boss and if you keep on going you will just fall to your doom.
Level Select:
go to angel island and jump on the first vine and press left left left right right right up up up then reset the game by pressing Alt R at the same time then at the title screen press down down and you will see something that says sound test go in there and you will see all the levels click on the one you want to go to and you'll be at the beginning of that level (notice:this cannot be saved) (I also reccommend doing this with Sonic things might get weird if you don't) this must be done on Sonic 3 and Knuckles or Sonic 3
Sound test
start a new file and on Angel Island Zone. grab a swinging vine and press left, left, left, up, up, up, right, right, right.If you fear a ring sound, then press ALT , and press up once on the title screen to find it


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Blue Knuckles eats Tails
Go to 1 player in Sonic 3 and Knuckles and activate level select by being Tails on angel island on a vine and press left(3x) right(3x) and Up(3x) you shoud hear a noise then press alt+R then press up or down(2x) then select sound test go to mushroom hill and find a pully do the same level select code the press alt+R go to sky sanctuary 2 kill metal sonic then Blue Knuckles is eating Tails save him!


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A lot of lives
You need to be in Full-screen to do this. Press F4.

Ok, so when you get to the Launch Base level, go to the little alert lights and trip them to
make them go off). Then while you are still in the alert lights, hold down and press the jump button a lot of times but don't let go of the down button. If done right, a bird will come to attack you but will get destroyed by you and if second bird comes just after the other one then you've done the cheat right. Keep holding down the down button and press F4. It should be in the small screen where everything is very fast. The birds will come at super speed and give you lots of points. These points add up and give you 1 life per 5 birds. The only bad thing is that you have to repeat the procedure every so called "10" minutes to constantly get more lives. Soon you get so many lives the game uses symbols to represent the hundreds column. Have Fun!
HOW TO GET 2 KNUCKLES in sonic 3 and knuckles
First be knuckles and go to angel island then swing on a vine and press: left,left,left,right,right,right,up,up,up you should hear a ring noise. Then press alt+R to go back to the title screen. At the title screen press down down to go to a new menu cald sound test. in sound test you get to pick any level pick mushroom valey in mushroom valey go to a pulley and do the same code as befor. now press alt+R to go to the main screen. go to sound test again and pick "sky santuary 1" and you will have two Knuckles
Level Select
To level select in this game, first you must pick any game file (has to be still be on level one) and with any character, go to the point where the swinging vines are, that are swining from left to right, hop on that. Next, the cheat, you press LEFT 3x, RIGHT 3x, and UP 3x, if done correctly, you would hear a sound as if you just collected a ring. Now, restart by pressing, Alt + R, and at the title screen, press up once or down twice to get to the Sound Test menu, enter there, and from there, you can pick any level in the game. But this only works for Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic 3. Have fun!