Sonic Heroes Tips

On 2p mode team battle, if you want play around with one player, we got information.
1.With all speed people( not espio or amy ) jump a little far off the stage do a tornado attack,(black or blue) and then a homing attack. You will by yourself.
2.With all power people,stand at the edge, and jump a tiny bit closer. Once one teamate fell off, do the same to the next.
3.With all flyers(this one's tricky) Be your power person. Do step to, only by eliminating the speed person. Then let the power leader jump off, quickly switch to your flying person and fly back to the stage.
4.With Amy, to get rid of Big and Cream, simply hold x away and then before it levels down, fly back to the stage.
5.With Espio, turn invisible and let the other person(1p or 2p) get rid of Charmy and Vector. Then, you could turn back, or stay invisible.
6.To get back your teamates, restart the game or use team blast.
7.When your Cream, you cannot get a team blast, thre is no way unless you chose turtle island.