Sonic Heroes Tips

Carnival/Storm Easy Win
In the boss levels of stages 2 and 6 (Carnival and Storm). Here is an easy way to win against some things. If you are having trouble with some of the non flying or some flying robots, use your team blast. Yea, you might have just used it and it's empty. Use fly formation (Tails, Rouge, Charmy, or Cheese) and jump and hover above the enemy. Use Thunder Shoot to get your Team Blast bar full. The enemy can't do anything against this unless they have a LASER. Once the meter is full, move away and land. Once you touch down use your team blast. If you need to, you can do this again. I had trouble with the Stage 6 boss playing as team Dark. I couldnt beat it for a while, then I remembered doing this once and I had a very easy win. It takes up a lot of time though so you will probably get an E ranking.