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| - [ A Real Diamond in the Ruff ] - |

The good:

- A wide selection of classic Sonic the Hedgehog titles at hand spanning from the Genesis, Game Gear, and even Sega CD

- Easy access to each full game version included the option to save in the middle of any game, including the Game Gear titles(now there's something that could come in handy!)

The bad:

- Unless there possibly could have been a problem with the 90's and the video games that were produced in that time, I have no cons to provide whatsoever, only that there wasn't any further development of collections such as these after the release of this and Sonic Mega Collection(obviously because there were no nostalgic titles to collect left over)


[ Introduction ]

For all of us 90's veterans that are seeking an escape from our dull and boring lives as aging 14-17 year old fogies looking back on those wonder years, fear not, for SEGA has packaged this convenient little gift for us. A collection of all the greatest video games starring their iconic hero, Sonic the Hedgehog. The name for this certain nostalgic collection is very appropriate since the playable games contained herein really are "gems" of their time and now as the fans continue to live and breathe, and they certainly deserve the much needed respect that this certain r...


These Gems are a bit dull

The good:

9 classic Sonic games included plus 2 unlockable games. Lots of unlockable art & related images.

The bad:

Poor graphics. Very sluggish controls. Mostly short, poor-quality Game Gear titles included. Very low replay value.


A followup to the previously released Sonic Mega Collection Plus, this title revives more classic Sonic titles from the 1990s. This collection revolves around 3 rare Sonic games-Sonic The Fighters (arcades), Sonic CD (ultra-rare for Sega CD, later for PC), and the racing game Sonic R (Saturn, PC). Also included are a variety of Game Gear titles.

The graphics are exactly the same as they originally were, which generally is poor to fair at best. Because the games are all 8-10 years old, they generally are of 16-32 bit quality and don't look as good as today's games. They also were not updated ...



The good:

Rare, hard to get hold of games, and not just the same old Mega Drives games we're used to seeing in these Sonic Collection packs.

Reduced price, always a plus.

The bad:

Why no SEGASonic Arcade and Knuckles Chaotix? Even if finding a way to get around the fact that SEGASonic Arcade has an odd controller, I see no reason why Knuckles Chaotix can't have been added too. It's a standard platformer just like Sonic CD.

The Game Gear games are all well and good, but feel a little like barrel-scraping to build up a reasonable collection.


So Sonic is back again in another of these collections of classic games. This time things are a little more interesting, as it's the games most people probably won't have played. You have Sonic CD only available on the Mega CD, and PC's that can run 98 and lower, Sonic R from the Sega Saturn, and Sonic Fighters only available in limited arcades!

The conversions of the three games seem pretty faithful to my recollection.

Sonic R - Most noticeably the graphics on Sonic R run alot smoother than the Saturn version, they also seem to have added little touches here and there that I don't remember....

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