Sonic Colors (Wii) Cheats

Sonic Colors cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Other Robot Sonic Colors
Press the following buttons when selecting a Robot Sonic in the Sonic Simulator to change it's color.

Legend of Controllers:
GC~GameCube Controller W~Wii Remote
N-Wii Remote with Nunchunk CC~Classic Controller
PasswordWhat it does
GC and CC: Press Y| W: Press B| N: Press ZMakes the Sonic Robot Pink
GC: Press Z| CC: Press L| W: Press Down D-pad| N: Press 1Makes the Sonic Robot Black
GC and CC: Press X| W: Press A| N: Press CMakes the Sonic Robot Green
GC: Press R| CC, W, and N: Press +Makes the Sonic Robot it's Original Color
on wii press minusmakes sonic robot red


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Miis in the Sonic Simulator
Miis are only playable in the Sonic Simulator.
UnlockableHow to unlock
MiiBy getting 30 red rings in normal stages.
Super Sonic
How to get Super Sonic in Sonic Colors and his pros and cons.
You must collect all the Chaos Emeralds by competing all the levels of the Sonic Simulator, which all of them are only unlock after getting all 180 red rings from the regular levels. So after doing that go to the options menu to choose to be Super Sonic. When activated you can only use him once you have 50 rings and you will not be able to use color powers in this mode, but he gains bonus points every few seconds and he has infinite boost power.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Unlock Credits
Beat the game and watch the credits. After that, a rainbow star will appear on the map screen. You can watch the credits anytime and interact with them by attacks the letters.
UnlockableHow to unlock
CreditsBeat the game and watch the credits


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Extra Lives
Here's a few ways to get ways to get extra lives.
1. Get an A(Gives 1 life) or a S(Gives 3 Lives) in a level to get extra lives to appear at the result screen.
2. At the result screen break the Numbers and Rank letter by dashing threw them to find 1 extra life.
3. Find one in a short level and repeatably get it.

If you do all three of these in one level you can end up with 5 extra lives.
Sweet Mountain Lolipop Launch
To those of you (like myself) who have trouble with these, there are two tactics to ensure you fling off of them correctly.

1. If there's enough room, grab on while boosting an launch yourself.
2. Latch on with a homing attack then quickly let go to get standard flight distance.

These are the methods to use if you're not so stellar with timing these things. Hope it helps!


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Walk Underground
While in Tropical Resort use the Drill power and hit a spike that's still in the ground and you should become regular Sonic, but you won't die and instead you will be able to walk underground as long as you don't leave the ground.

Also when doing this glitch you can not freely go through the ground like when you're a drill.

Easter eggs

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Color Powers vs. Mario
I found an interesting connection between the blue cube power and some Mario Bros. items. The blue block/ring switch is related to the coin block/coin power of the P-switch. The wide-range damaging power of the cube smashing down is related to the POW block.

The yellow drill is slightly related to SMG2's spin drill item.

I just found these connections intriguing to me.
Tails's Translator Actually Translates To Real Words!
At the very very end when it shows Tails's translator, it actually says real words. The first line says "thank you for saving us". The second line says "you are welcome". The third line says "If you can read this you're a geek!". Weird, huh?