[edit] Background

Sonic Colors is a platform game where Dr. Eggman is once again causing problems for Sonic and his friends. This time, the evil Dr. Eggman has taken an alien hostage to harness their power in his latest attempt to destroy the world.

This game follows the well-established Sonic the Hedgehog series, it was developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega in 2010 for the Wii and Nintendo DS.

[edit] Gameplay

This side-scrolling platformer is played in a third person perspective as the player controls Sonic, they must use Sonic to explore the stages and reach the end of the stage to progress through the game. There are eight stages which can be accessed from the world map, they each have a unique theme and gimmick which makes that stage unique. Along with the main stages, the DS version also has some Special Stages which reward the player with a Chaos Emerald once completed. The Challenge Mode has the player try to play through all of the stages consecutively.

Wisps are introduced to the series in this game, they are an alien race that can be used as power-ups called Hyper-go-on. They provide powers that can allow the player to reach new areas, kill enemies, get through the level faster and more. Four of the Wisps are available in all versions of the game, there are also two DS version exclusives and four Wii version exclusive Wisps. Each Wisp is a unique color and their power is dependent on the color.

Sonic is able to destroy objects when he is in ball form, he enters this form by jumping. When Sonic is not in ball form he is vulnerable to enemies; touching an enemy while he is in the standard form will cause Sonic to drop any rings he has collected however taking damage while not being in possession of any rings will cause the player to lose a life.

The player is limited in combat without assistance from a Wisp, Sonic is able to attack using a 'homing attack' when he entered ball form which causes him to be launched at the enemy in his near vicinity. He can also use a ground stomp attack by double jumping first above an enemy or obstacle, using the same button on the ground allows him to do a kick slide to bypass low ceiling areas.

There is a multiplayer co-op mode where two players can race through stages together and the DS version also features a competitive mode.

[edit] Features

8 unique stage – Explore and reach the end of the unique stages

Challenge Mode – Players fight through all of the stages consecutively for a greater challenge

Wisps – Collect and use Wisps for power-ups to combat enemies, reach new areas and more

Strategically fight enemies – Deal with enemies using risky attacks

Multiplayer – Play with another player in co-op mode

Special Stages – Play through some extra levels in the DS version

Competitive PvP – Fight to be the best against other players with the DS version

[edit] Players liked:

  • Fantastic graphics
  • The themed stages
  • Great music

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Too short
  • Limited multiplayer
  • Levels are too linear

This game is also known as Sonic Colours in Europe.

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Jan 30, 15 11:26pm
Great levels, decent soundtrack, and I loved the wisps! One of the better Sonic games. SonicColors
Apr 8, 12 5:18am
Nintendo Wi- Fi Enabled SonicColors
Jul 29, 11 5:42am
Sonic's back with fast-paced levels, the fun Wisps to use, and to play as Super Sonic in any level! Awesome game! SonicColors
nasty nappa
Jun 25, 11 9:39am
sonic back on track SonicColors
Jun 12, 11 1:13pm
Still need to start playing this..... SonicColors
May 7, 11 1:58pm
May 5, 11 8:45pm
added 7 new concept art
Metal Tails
Mar 21, 11 11:51pm
I've gotten all the Red Star Rings and gotten all the S ranks in this game. I gotten all the Chaos Emeralds and I now play as Super Sonic! SonicColors
Mar 8, 11 7:10pm
I feel the need. The need for speed! SonicColors
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