Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Cheats

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for DS. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood cheat codes.


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Cream & Chao combo
When I use Cream, I equip her with Ferox that way i don't have do her POW's myself
ps: Ferox is really rare
Find Omega E123
You must be in Metropolis to do this.

In the northwest area of Metroplis, look in the far northwest, somewhere near the top left corner of the map. You will see a door. Go in, and you will see Omega. He will talk to you, and join your team!
Kron Conveyer Belt Puzzle
If you have been struggling to work out how the puzzle works, don't bother. There is no secret to the puzzle, the passcode is actually random. You need to keep trying combinations until you remove all the obsticals from the conveyer belt.
kron puzzle
When you reach the puzzle in the kron world, it's pretty simple. All you do is, on the left side put in one/in the middle put+/and to the right put the equal sign.
Skip a fight and minigame!
When you are in the Zoah colony and have to meet General Raxos, first speak to haniman. Keep insisting that you want to know where to find the night stalker, then fight it and bust Haniman. Go around the corner, sneak past the brute, and talk to the guy next to the stairs. Find out how to get a petition to challenge the General. Then go straight to the guy guarding the door to the general. Ask for the petition then ask for citizenship and he will take you to the "Gentleman". defeat him and the brute and you are straight to Raxos!
Zoah's puzzle
Wondered how to do the Zoah's puzzle? You came to the right place! Just look at the sample and you should know what you need to do!
So the sample puzzle should look like this:
5 2 3 6
remember this is a mathematical equation. Just fill in the symbols!
Now for the actual equation:
7 3 1 ?
Use the same eqautions in the same order:
Go on the switch and tell it to stop on whatever the answer is!
P.S There will also be times and divide symbols in use as well!

Easter eggs

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Hidden Megadrive
In the bottom, left-hand corner of Metropolis, there is a large SEGA Megadrive consol lying around with a controller connected to it.
Viral Chao
Within the game, there are five extra chao availible between certain dates (which are announced by SEGA) that are availible at certain DS download stations.
Unlike normal chao, when Viral chao are traded, the original owner keeps the chao, and the person it's traded too will also get the chao, meaning that both players get a copy of the chao.

The Viral choa and their abilities are as follows:

Pooki - Armour +6 and spread damage to team.
Farfinkle - Damage +2 and inflicts a random status problem on the foe.
Baki - Parry and Damage +2
Stugs - The bonded character is only attacked when he/she is the last character remaining.
Fimbley - Bonded character automatically evades up to three basic attacks per round.