Sonic Battle Tips

Ninja Emerl
I have never lost a battle (even the last one with Eggman) using this setup. The reason I have so many standard moves is because I devoted all of my power into speed and special moves.

Run: ULT
Dash: Regular
Jump: ULT
Air Action: Regular
Guard: Regular (use speed to you advantage)
Heal: ULT

First ATK: ULT
Second ATK: ULT
Third ATK: ULT (sometimes you will get an instant kill with a full meter)
Heavy: ULT
Upper: Regular
Dash ATK: Regular (I do not use the dash-related skills in battle)
Air ATK: Regular
Aim: ULT
Ground Shot: ULT
Air Shot: ???(Knuckles)
Ground Power: Chaos Combo (or Shadow Combo or Rouge Combo)
Air Power: ???(Sonic)
Ground Trap: ???(Amy)
Air Trap: ULT

Fight Pose: Chaos (increases DEF)- use Shadow if you want Emerl all Black
ATK Support: E-102
Strength Support: Regular (you really don't need much DEF if you move alot)
Other Support: Shadow
Color 1: Shadow
Color 2: Rouge
Color 3: E-102

The key to using this Emerl is speed and specials. Use you ultra run and jump skills to evade attacks, followed by massive special attacks to send opponents flying. Afterward you can follow up with more specials or heal yourself while you wait for the opponent to return, charging your meter in the process.