Sonic Battle Tips

Secrets of the Skill Cards...
You may not realize it, but that useless looking skill card you got might be uber-powerful.

Fight Poses

The fight poses look useless, but all of them actually have an added attribute! Think...How come it takes three hits with C. Revolution to take down Chaos? It's because of his fight pose, which, when equipped, reduces the damage that Emerl takes. Usually, the attribute is usually an "other" skill card that they give, like Shadow's Speed Up Lvl. 2. But the "hidden" characters, like E-102 and Chaos, have an EXTRA attribute on top of the one that they already have. I haven't figured out all of them, but as soon as I do, I'll update this. Here's list of the fight poses and their added attributes:

Sonic: ? (Might be Acceleration Up Lvl. 2)
Tails: Low Gravity Lvl. 1
Knuckles: ?
Shadow: Speed Up Lvl. 2 (Maybe)
Rouge: Low Gravity Lvl. 2
Amy: ?
Cream: ?
E-102: High Gravity 1 (Maybe) + BOOM!
Chaos: High Gravity 2 + Higher Defense?
Emerl: (none)
Ultimate Fight Pose: (?)
Might give +9 to all Ultimates Equipped

Everything Else:

>If you have a high level Guard Skill equipped, it takes longer to get to healing. My recommendation would be to put Emerl's Basic Guard skill on because you can heal much faster.

>Combo Cards are, lightly put, CRAP. If you have NO ultimates, that's fine if you equip them. But if you have all of the Ultimates, DON'T USE COMBO CARDS. If they're immune to the end attack, then that sets you up to get hit with an Ichikoro-charged attack. Which always sucks when you get to 20 in VR Training.

That's all for now. But a thought crossed my mind: what happens at 100% skill completion? If it involves getting Robotnik's skills, I'm all for it. But if it says some half-assed message like, 'Thanks for Playing! Now go buy our other games, you corporate slaves!', then I will lose all faith in corporate america.