Sonic Battle Cheats

How to get COMBO CARDS
In Emerl's story go to the Sonic team building (located in central city) they will ask for a password. Input:
alogK: to get Amy Combo
EkiTa: to get Chaos Combo
ZAhan: to get Cream Combo
tSueT: to get E-102 Combo
yU3Da: to get Knuckles Combo
AhnVo: to get Rouge Combo
Armla: to get Shadow Combo (The "l" might be a capital "I" instead)
75619: to get Sonic Combo
OTrOl: to get Tails Combo (The "l" might be a capital "I" instead)....
To use these go to the Ground Power section and scroll down. They all cost 30 skill points.