Sonic and the Black Knight Cheats

Sonic and the Black Knight cheats, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Character Profiles In Gallery
UnlockableHow to unlock
LancelotGet 5 Stars In The Deep Woods Boss
GawainGet 5 Stars In The Titanic Plains Boss
PercivalGet 5 Stars In The Molten Mine Boss
NimueGet 5 Stars In The Crystal Cave Rampage Mission
GalahadGet 5 Stars In The Knight's Passage Legacy Mission
LamorakGet 5 Stars In The Dragon's Lair Legacy Mission
BlacksmithVisit The Blacksmith 20 Times
CaliburnGet 5 Stars In The Misty Lake Head To The Goal Mission
UnlockableHow to unlock
medal of sonicidentify it as a game piece in one of the knight's passage missions
medal of lancelotidentify it as a game piece after the lancelot boss
medal of gawainidentify it as a game piece after the gawain boss
medal of percivalidentify it as a game piece after the percival boss
Unlockable Characters
You can unlock seven characters by completing certain things as shown below.
UnlockableHow to unlock
ShadowDefeat Sir Lancelot.
BlazeDefeat Lady Percival.
KnucklesDefeat Sir Gawain.
Amy RoseDefeat the final boss.
TailsComplete the first Castle Camelot mission.
SilverComplete the Lancelot Returns mission.
King ArthurCollect all 5 of the King Arthur Legends.
JetGet 5 Mastery Stars in the timed Great Megalith mission.
aiaiplay as sonic 2 times on battle
ulalaplay as amy 5 times on battle
nightsplay as shadow 3 times on battle
unlockable song
UnlockableHow to unlock
7 rings in hand songget the 7 secret rings in the legacy missions


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5 Stars On All Boss Fights
Although star system ranking is very hard to work out, I have tested something for the boss fights and have cracked the code.

All you have to do is avoid being hit. Time doesn't matter but you have to avoid being hit at all.

Knights(Medals of them are easier if 5 star is achieved):

Lancelot: You unlock his concept art in the gallery.
Gawain: You unlock his concept art in the gallery.
Percival: You unlock her concept art in the gallery.


King Arthur: You unlock his concept art and get a hidden sword.
Dark Queen: You unlock her concept art and can get a Katana from it.

Beating King Arthur On The First Jump
You will need a Soul Gauge boost to attack him straight away for a even better time(Optional).

If your soul gauge boost is lower and he strikes when you simply can't move don't worry, just swing extra early and then swing as normal because your soul gauge fills up.

So just swing at him in time with the attacks and then wait until you get up close. Hit him once normally then wait. Wait until Sonic's sword glows and hit for a perfect hit. Then hit again perfectly.

As long as you do this slowly you can beat him in under 10 seconds but also get a 5 star ranking for not getting hit and also not even letting him put his red shield up. This is simply for speed runs, but it works incredibly well.
Soul Surge
The Soul Surge is a character's trump card in Adventure Mode and Battle Mode. Learn to use these in Adventure mode, as they are all different and are highly rewarding. (Hold B when the Soul Gauge is filled up, then swing)

Sonic: This is the one you'll be using for quite some time, which is good because this based on advancing. Trigger it on the ground, sprint for distance then move into each enemy at lightspeed. It's very useful because you're pretty much always moving. For an advanced move, wait until you see a big stretch of enemys then jump into the air, score perfect hits with the Soul Surge, then use your aerial spin attack to plow through the rest.

Lancelot: This one is a mix between approach and style. Trigger it on the ground and he will fly, then lock onto a enemy. When he locks on he'll teleport to them first then charge his move for some time then slash then repeat the process. Try saving the Soul Gauge until it's full, then use it slowly to get more hits in. Perfect hits give you more time, and all the time lines you up for more perfect hits. Just don't use this for the speed boost as Lancelot tends to fall into pits.

Gawain: Gawain uses his dual swords as boomerangs and therefore stops still unlike Sonic & Lancelot. Don't use his speed boost or you might stop dead in a bad place. Use it when there is a big horde of enemys and throw it through all of them. If you have to hit enemys for combos then Gawain is your call. To make it safer stop then jump into the air and throw them and land with his air attack clearing the area. Make sure to time when you use this move.

Percival: The worst Soul Surge in the game unfortunately, it takes a lot of skill to use and seems almost pointless. She will lock onto the enemy then instead of dashing/throwing she steps backward and surrounds herself with flames spinning whilst moving. She combos well and can plow through all the herds with ease, but you get little Soul Gauge back after getting a perfect hit and is only good if you have a full Soul Gauge. Using it in the air is a bad move so use this move when absolutely necessary.

If you have any questions, email me.


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Attacking Lancelot's Shield
To do this glitch, you must be playing the Lancelot Returns mission.

When he activates his Chaos Shield, jump into the air and instantly soul surge into the shield and damage yourself. Now do the exact same thing again, and because of your wake-up invincibility, you can perfect hit the shield. This is mainly for keeping your soul gauge up, and you'll get a hit on Lancelot straight away after the shield disappears.
Hill Sliding On The Ground & Speed Boost On Hills
For this glitch to work you must use Sonic and must be on a level where you slide down a hill.

First of all jump over the slope/hill and do a jumpdash then at the end use Sonic's midair sword swing. Then use the soulsurge after the move stops, first of all you will be able to use your speed boost to go quicker, and as long as you do not come out of soulsurge mode at the end of the hill you will still be in soulsurge mode BUT you will also be sliding. This will continue until your soulgauge runs out or you lock onto another enemy.