Sonic & Knuckles review
Good buy especially if you've got Sonic 3

The good:

Backwards compatibility with Sonic 3. Both Sonic & Knuckles have their own games.

The bad:

If you don't have Sonic 3, you really can't get the full value out of this game. No 2-player co-op option.


One of the last Sonic titles released for Genesis, this game broke new ground with it's backwards compatibility with Sonic 3. What this meant was you could play Sonic 3 with Knuckles and unlock other previously secret content. In the new game, both Sonic & Knuckles have their own abilities and each can play though stages the other cannot-like 2 games in 1.
Graphics & gameplay are about on par with other Sonic titles-very fast with simple but responsive controls. Despite the new addition and new moves there really isn't much new with regards to actual gameplay, which is a bit disappointing. Also the speed unintentionally adds to difficulty at times. Additionally, there's no option for letting 2 people play together, one as Sonic and the other plyer as Knuckles. That would have helped out a lot.
While this is a great game on it's own with plenty of replay value, it's only a must-buy if you either have or are planning to get Sonic 3. Otherwise, consider getting "Sonic & Knuckles Collection" for PC instead as it's already got both titles. If Genesis if your only option, though, this is still a good pickup for Sonic fans looking for something a little different.

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