Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Glitches

New glitches that I discovered!
As Sonic go to the moutain you run on to get an emblem in Mystic Ruins.
Get back and start a spin dash. Once you go, press B ASAP! You should be running. Go up, not right, and you should reach the top if you were sucsessful. You'll either fall off the mountain (too slow) or fall off the top and see the bridge the train goes through, you'll go through it (too fast) but if you want to go back, go through the mountain and you'll be back where you were.
As Knuckles, go to Red Mountain and find all the emeralds. Now jump and you'll be facing another way than your original pose. Note: you need to do a hint and chase it on last emerald. This works also after you beat Chaos 2.
As Tails, go to your work shop and fly to the wall on the staircase nearest to your work shop. You'll hit a wall, go to the road you go on in the Tornado 1 and you'll fly through the wall. Becareful not to fall! Also if you go to the ladder near the Ice Cap stage, fly as high as you can and when Tails stops, grab the ladder. Now keep climbing till you reach the end. Jump off, not grabbing any parts of the ladder, and you'll land on the ground while going to the Ice Cap stage.