Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Cheats

How to get a pefect chao without saving!
If you want a perfect chao without saving, then you must have Sonic Pinball Party for GBA and a link cable it works better with more than 1 person, hatch a chao egg, in the chao garden and name it whatever. Then you trade it to Sonic Pinball Party and get rings on the gameboy while someone else is going out of the chao garden safetly and getting rings and animals for the chao (i reccomend casinopolis) and then go back to the chao garden (this time bring a gold egg) because the shell is worth 250 rings and then get the chao back from the GBA game and make your chao kiss the animals, and with the rings buy a dark or hero fruit (hero makes it an angel and dark makes it a devil) and either fruit just keep feeding them to it until it appears in a cocoon and when it comes out it will be devil or angel (depends on the fruit you feed it) and then you repeat, if you get sick of playing sonic dx and want to turn it off and think ur chao will dissappear, well instead of destroying it just put it in Sonic Pinball Party and it will be there!