Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Cheats

Over the Line of Rings!
Going over the line of rings in 'Iceberg' mission mode is quite easy. All you need is an Action Replay, the moon jump code, and the turbo code.

Okay, first go throguh the whole level like you normally would. At the very end, (where the capsule is) try to go back up the mountain. Can't do it well, right? If you use the Turbo Code, You can get throguh the invisible barrier and in the area where you just boarded down. , once you do that, 'scale' the mountain using the Moon/Super Jump code. GO to the area where the wooden bridge is located. go to the very back of this bridge, and kick in the nitrox (turbo). When near the very, very end of the bridge (where the jump thingy is located) Super Jump off the slope, and you might just pass over the line of rings. Practice makes perfect, so don't give up trying if you don't make it the first couple of times.

100% tested by me!