Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Cheats

i found a bunch of glitches!!!!!

*game freeze glitch-as knuckles in twinkle park on the track,there are 2 enemies in black hovers.
kill one of them and jump in front of the hover.
the game will mysteriously automatically freeze!!!

*tails in twinkle park-do the same thing as knuckles in twinkle park,but when you slip in the door,DO NOT JUMP!!!!all you do is just keep on dying.

*other side of the sewer-as tails,grab the statue and go in the sewer place(near twinkle park).place the man in the right spot(this is gonna take a bunch of tries)in the bottom left corner of the gate.keep trying until you fall through the to get to the other side.

*disappearing act-do the other side of the sewer through the city background.go back in the sewer and ya know what........THE STATUE IS GONE!!!

*ghost train.......-as tails,grab the man and set him by the guy in the blue suit in the station square station.this may take a few tries.
use the rhythm badge between the statue and the will fall through the tracks.

these glitches are weird...............