Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Tips

Icecap as first stage
Start a new game and unlock tails. Get the jet anklet because you can't make the fly without it. Now go to the Mistic Ruins and go on top of the train and stand on the edge of the train facing the two cliffs. Turn the camera mode to free. Now jump as high as you can and start flying near the 2 cliffs on the right. When you are in the middle of the 2 cliffs, start going straight between the cliffs. You should see the tunnel connecting the two cliffs which leads to the icecap. Fly straight into the tunnel wall. If you timed your jump and fly correctly you should make it through. Now go to the Icecap area and the door leading to it will be shut. To get through, go to the bottom of the hill until you get to the door that goes to red mountain. Go back up the hill flying. Then you go to the place where you would put the Ice stone into. Try to jump behind it. It will take a while. After a few tries you should go through the wall. When you do, fly IMMEDIATELY and go up. You should end up in the icecap area. When you finish the stage, the gate is still closed. Then you are trapped in there forever right? WRONG! There is actually a way out!! Go to the left side of the icecap door and fly without moving the controller stick. You will go through the ceiling. now go north and you should be on top of the tunnel. Fly to the entrance and when you land on the ceiling, you will go through it. Now you can leave. When you exit, the cave entrance will be blocked. All you have to do to get out is walk through the rock blocking your way. Then near the jungle entrance you should see knuckles standing there, but he won't fight you. All he does is stare into space, but you can still beat Tail's story. Just finish the first 2 stages and fight knuckles.