Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Tips

All ability upgrades!
Having trouble finding an upgrade? Think there's more to your character? Well, here are a list of upgrades and where to get them:
(NOTE: I haven't done BIG's lures!)
LIGHT SPEED SHOES-in a manhole underneath where a car should be, follow the tunnel to the upgrade
BRACELET-Go upstairs in the hotel, use RING DASH!
ANCIENT LIGHT-near RED MOUNTAIN and the monkey guard, on the rock!

RTHYM BADGE-should be to the left of the temple as soon as you reach the stairs (ANCIENT WORLD)
JET ANKLET-in the sewers near twinkle park, fly up through a gap in the ceiling!

SHOVEL CLAWS-take a left near where the mystic ruins chao garden
FIGHTING GLOVES- When at Big's house climb up the tree and on the ledge sticking out of the wall, follow this ledge!

WARRIOR FEATHER-beat the high score on the hammer game!
LONG HAMMER-beat an even higher score on the hammer game (tip-use warrior feather!)

JET BOOSTER- in egg carrier in one of the rooms on the top floor!
BLASTER- opposite room from the JET BOOSTER, it is covered in water the first time in egg carrier, but not the second time!

LIFE BELT- should be before the ice stage near the water!
POWER ROD-well, your blind if you didn't notice the power up under BIG's bed in his first cut-scene! And guess what? It's the POWER ROD!