Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut Cheats

Level up Items for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
Light Speed shoes: Station Square- drop into the sewer throught the hole. Jump on to the balcony straight ahead and there are the light speed shoes.

Crystal Ring: station square- While in the hotel go up the stairs, hit the 2 switches and charge up the light speed dash and go into the room to get the crystal ring.

Ancient light: mystic ruins-after going through the cave where Ice cap is, don't go where ice cap is just run to the edge and you should see a rock where the ancient light is.


Jet shoes: station square-by the tube to get to Twinkle park, go behind there and you should see a entrance to the sewer. Go in there and you should see a hole on the ceiling. Fly up there go through the an empty doorway and get the jet shoes.

Rhythm badge: tikal vision-while in the vision, look around by the perimeter until you find the rhythm badge.

Shovel Claws: mystic ruins-To find the shovel claws go to the cave hidden by Tails workshop (lower grounds) in the cave there should be a mine kart and another entrance. Go in the entrance.

Power gloves: mystic ruins jungle area-go to Bigs house and climb up the wall til you get on a ledge run to the end to find the Power gloves.