Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut (GC) Cheats

Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Sonic Adventure DX Director's Cut cheat codes.


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Super Sonic vs Perfect Chaos
Beat Every Character 100% to unlock Super Sonic's Story mode. Play as Sonic till you go to the jungle lose to chaos in the race to find the last emerald and view the cutscene with Tikal to become Super Sonic and battle Chaos.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Super Sonic Story modePlay with all six character till they all have 100% completed
Perfect Chaos BattlePlay as sonic in the Super Sonic Story mode till Chaos becomes Perfect Chaos and Sonic becomes Super Sonic
Unlockable Characters
To get Metal sonic in Time trial mode Collect all 130 Emblems and he will be in time trial with a question mark for his picture
UnlockableHow to unlock
Metal Sonic in Time TrialCollect all 130 emblems


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All ability upgrades!
Having trouble finding an upgrade? Think there's more to your character? Well, here are a list of upgrades and where to get them:
(NOTE: I haven't done BIG's lures!)
LIGHT SPEED SHOES-in a manhole underneath where a car should be, follow the tunnel to the upgrade
BRACELET-Go upstairs in the hotel, use RING DASH!
ANCIENT LIGHT-near RED MOUNTAIN and the monkey guard, on the rock!

RTHYM BADGE-should be to the left of the temple as soon as you reach the stairs (ANCIENT WORLD)
JET ANKLET-in the sewers near twinkle park, fly up through a gap in the ceiling!

SHOVEL CLAWS-take a left near where the mystic ruins chao garden
FIGHTING GLOVES- When at Big's house climb up the tree and on the ledge sticking out of the wall, follow this ledge!

WARRIOR FEATHER-beat the high score on the hammer game!
LONG HAMMER-beat an even higher score on the hammer game (tip-use warrior feather!)

JET BOOSTER- in egg carrier in one of the rooms on the top floor!
BLASTER- opposite room from the JET BOOSTER, it is covered in water the first time in egg carrier, but not the second time!

LIFE BELT- should be before the ice stage near the water!
POWER ROD-well, your blind if you didn't notice the power up under BIG's bed in his first cut-scene! And guess what? It's the POWER ROD!
All Power Ups I know so far.
Light Speed shoes: Allows you to do the light speed dash. In sewer near city hall, can't miss it because you need it to go to Casinopolis.
Crystal Ring: Less charge time for light speed dash. In hotel elevator, you need light speed shoes. Can get after Light Speed Shoes.
Ancient Light: Allows you to attack enemys with the light speed dash. On the rock near the bridge to the Master Emerald shrine, need it to enter Red Mountain.

Rhythm Badge: Allows You to do the continuous tail attacks. Get in past. Needed to get out of past. To the right after the stairs on the other side of the building.
Jet Anklet: Allows you to fly faster. Can get in begginning of game, in the sewer near Twinkle Park.

Shovel Claws: Allow you to dig. It's in the room where the monkey in the cage is in. Needed to go to Red Mountain.
Fighting Gloves: Allows you to do the Mega Heat Knuckles whatever Attack.
Can get on your first time in the Mystic Ruins Jungle. Go on the tree near Big's house and go on the wall, find a floor and go straight.

Warrior's Feather: Allows you to do the Spin Hammer Attack. Can get by tieing with or beating Eggman's score. Get by playing Hedgehog Hammer when trying to escape.
Long Hammer: Play Hedgehog Hammer on the Egg Carrier for a second time on the second visit before you beat Final Egg or Post-story mode. Try to beat your High Score. Increases the length of the Spin Hammer Attack.

Life Belt: Allows you to swim in water. Near the pond near Ice Cap's ladder.
Power Rod: Allows longer fishing distance. You got to be an idiot if you didn't see the power up under big's bed in his first cut scene.
Lure power ups: there are two so far. One in the sewer near twinkle park (under the hole you go through to get Tails's jet anklet) and the other on the Egg Carrier in the Prison Room (you can find it easily, you can't miss it). Allows you to catch bigger fish.

E-102 Gamma:
Jet Booster: In the room that says do not enter when your Sonic or Tails. There are two so if you go to the room with water in it, just go to the other one on the other side. Need it to fight Sonic on the bridge. Allows you to hover till you hit land or till you fall.
Laser Blaster: Allows you to hit targets in wider range. It is not like the SA2B laser blasters, well, kinda. In the room with the water in it on first visit, if you found the booster without going to the room with the water, it's in the opposite room. It's filled with water on first visit but not on second visit, you can get it before hot shelter, after E-105 Zeta (not Epsilon who is E-104), or after E-101 mk II Beta upgraded.
Another way to get rings in Adventure Fields
Playing with Amy (you have to have the Warrior Feather), in Station Square and the Mystic Ruins, use the Spinning Hammer Attack to cut the grass and you'll get rings. Oddly most sites don't mention this at all.

Playing with Tails on the Egg Carrier, when it's switched around, fly to the top of the giant spinning thing in front of where the pool area is (the white-roofed building).

With any character (except for Big the Cat), you can get rings from the inside of the pool area on the high platforms on the Egg Carrier.
Black Chao
On the Egg Carrier, go to that area where amy was in prison. The cell next to it has ablack egg inside. You can't take this off the egg carrier so you must bring it to the eggcarrier garden. if you dont know where that is it's the doors with the letters in front, just jump on them to spell :eggman.
Chao Angel or Chao Devil
Chao Angel: To get a Chao Angel, you must feed it Hero Fruit until it goes into a cocoon. When it comes out, it will be white, with yellow wings, and sky blue \"dips\" on it\'s arms, feet, tail, and on the top of it\'s head.

Chao Devil:
Repeat the steps to an Angel Chao, but feed it Dark Fruit. When it comes out of the cocoon, it will be black with red dips, on it\'s arms, feet, and tail, it will have a spike ball on it\'s head, and an evil look on his face.
Easter Egg (Special thing within the game)
When you're playing as E-102 Gamma play the level "Hot Shelter". At the beginning or the end of the boss fight against E-105 Zeta you can see him up close. Around the bottom of him, there's a pattern of the colors "Purple and White". If you look at the white you can see that it's a Sega Dreamcast.
Easy way to beat 5 minute score on Casinopolis
Just play the pinball till you have about 450-500 rings, this should take about 3 mins and quite a lot of seconds. Quickly deposit your rings, climb up and whack the capsule!
Fast Sonic Stages A Rank (I am Talking About Sonic Adventure DX)
OK, On Sonic stages have you done his A rank stage (Complete the stage in one minute or something) and got so made that you blew up! Well that ends right now. Repetitively press the B Button to dash, you generally go faster than running and you can do the A rank missions!!!

Note: This does not work on Casinoplis
Note: This does not work if you don't have any skill!
find 3 emeralds within 1 minute
Knuckles' level A mission requires you to find 3 emerald fragments within 1 minute, this may sound impossible, but this little tip will help you find all 3 in a flash.

Begin the level and cruise about. Look for the emerlads, but do not get them! Once all 3 are found, restart the level and go to the places you went to before, and the emerald should be there, but not always.

Thanks to this method, I found the 3 pieces in 58 seconds on SPEED HIGHWAY.
Flying over the jungle
This might help you fly to your location in the jungle do you know that you come in a small carrige and when you arrive at the stand glide with knuckles or fly with tails you can either go to bigs house,the temple,and the cave.

P.S:try it with oter charaters.
glitch: 2 knuckles
You must have started super sonic's story.
Play as Knuckles and go to The Master Emerald
(near red mountain). Now walk around the area and u should see eggman and knuckles sleeping on the ground. Notice that the glitch knuckles is floating.
Gold Chao without years of training!
You know the place in start of the game where its Sonic VS Chaos 0? Go there and behind the stone wall there is a rock. Pick it up. Have you seen that place with the gold egg? It is in one of the buildings around the rock area. Go in, bick up the gold egg, and put it down. If you have the rock with you put it in the place of the golden egg. The bars will lift and you are free. Take the egg to Chao Garden and hatch your new Gold Chao.
Gold Chao!!
This Cheat can be done by anyone that can get into city hall.
In the library, there is a golden egg.
to get it, you have to find a rock shaped like an egg and then take it into the library. Then switch the gold egg for the rock. And then you have a very rare egg!
Icecap as first stage
Start a new game and unlock tails. Get the jet anklet because you can't make the fly without it. Now go to the Mistic Ruins and go on top of the train and stand on the edge of the train facing the two cliffs. Turn the camera mode to free. Now jump as high as you can and start flying near the 2 cliffs on the right. When you are in the middle of the 2 cliffs, start going straight between the cliffs. You should see the tunnel connecting the two cliffs which leads to the icecap. Fly straight into the tunnel wall. If you timed your jump and fly correctly you should make it through. Now go to the Icecap area and the door leading to it will be shut. To get through, go to the bottom of the hill until you get to the door that goes to red mountain. Go back up the hill flying. Then you go to the place where you would put the Ice stone into. Try to jump behind it. It will take a while. After a few tries you should go through the wall. When you do, fly IMMEDIATELY and go up. You should end up in the icecap area. When you finish the stage, the gate is still closed. Then you are trapped in there forever right? WRONG! There is actually a way out!! Go to the left side of the icecap door and fly without moving the controller stick. You will go through the ceiling. now go north and you should be on top of the tunnel. Fly to the entrance and when you land on the ceiling, you will go through it. Now you can leave. When you exit, the cave entrance will be blocked. All you have to do to get out is walk through the rock blocking your way. Then near the jungle entrance you should see knuckles standing there, but he won't fight you. All he does is stare into space, but you can still beat Tail's story. Just finish the first 2 stages and fight knuckles.
Jungle fishing lure
go to the jungle as Big. stay to the left until you see an tight opening to the right and there shold be a another lure for him.
Once you get to play with Knuckles choose him. I played the game and found out he was a lot easier to play with.
Knuckles drowns in mid air
Go to bigs tree house, go behind the dark part of the tree, climb on to it and keep climbing up and down until you hear a splash of water. Stay there until you hear the drowing music, when you die you should let go of the tree and drowin in mid air!
lion chao
Get a gold chao raise it normal but give it only lions {alot of lions!} it will have a red mane huge claws and a lion tail.

*note {and for some reason mine break dances}
Rings out of stages
To get some rings out of stages, follow these steps

Sonic: go to the hotel and press the switch for the rings to appear. Use light dash. Same thing for entrance to Casinopolis

Tails: cutting grass around your workshop using Rythemn Badge will produce rings

Knuckles: Digging in the grassy areas in Station Squares gives you rings.

Big: Casting your line in the watersa oth the sewers gives you rings.
Short Cut at Twinkle Park
With Sonic at Twinkle Park, right after you jump off the roller coaster try to avoid jumping in the hole that takes you down. Instead walk backwards on the tracks and keep walking until you fall. You'll land on a platform. Then you can jump to the other side and be already half way through the level.
Shortcut on Emerald coast
This is a wild cool cut on the beach level.When on the second part,run up the side of the cliff bit and grab the turbo shoes and run up more.Look for a tunnel and go through to boost about,and head back on track.Perfect if your trying to get a Level A.
Shortcut on Twinkle park
When you go round the castle top, spin dash up the slopey bit and jump, you should fly up to the capsule area.
Silver Chao!!!!
Go to the mystic ruins and go over by the waterfall. There is a small tablet about as big as Knux or bigger, to the right. Jump on the stone that is green and white that is on the right side. The egg will fall into the water. You can only pick it up with Tails, Sonic, Knux, or maybe Amy.

P.S.- You can only pick it up when it stops over by the ground. Don't go on the train with it or you'll lose it. You have to go to the Mystic Ruins chao garden.
Special Eggs
Shiny/rare eggs are quite expensive! Instead you can find some in the adventure fields!
Station Square- in the library there is an egg! to get it find a egg-shaped rock near the trees where you fought CHAOS ZERO and switch the egg with the rock!
Mystic Ruins- Go to where you fought CHAOS FOUR and there should be a bright thing that you can push in the wall, an egg should come out of the waterfall and you can pick it up as soon as it gets to the shore!
Egg Carrier- it should be in the prison cell near to where AMY was!

NOTE: If you travel by train/boat you will lose the egg and have to get it again, so you have to go directly to the chao garden there!
Tails in Emerald Coast
Go to the Hotel with Tails, exit into the pool area. Then turn right until you're under the little ledge. Start flying. After a little while, you go through the ledge. Fly behind the building and over to the Emerald Coast area.

Note: If Tails runs out of strength before you get there, you'll die. Land on the strip of land, and the screen will darken. Once it loads, you'll be on Emerald Coast with Tails! You can only go as far as the cave by the light house.
Enter the cave and you will see blue and a spring. After a few seconds the screen will darken again and you will appear right in front of the gate in front of Emerald Coast.


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Characters Standing like Metal Sonic
First, go to the Egg carrier chao garden.
go to the top of that tower and stay there.

Secondley, go down the glass screen (about half way down) then see the glitche happen

I have only have this work with sonic and knuckles!

try all of them out to see!
Eveybody should remember this glitch, Bigger Jump!
Remember that part in Emerald Coast as Sonic when you're on the beach you go to the bridge and spin dash then jump on the ramp like part so you're now like 5 seconds ahead? It requires the bigger jump glitch. Easy, just spin dash before a ramp or ramp like piece, jump when on the edge of the ramp, blah blah blah. You performed the bigger jump glitch. Its not a great glitch but it comes in handy sometimes.
INSIDE the roof !?! :P
You have to have Tails to do this.

Go to the place where you got the jet anklet. Then go in the little doorway way and as soon as your in the right corner of the doorway then start flying. You'll soon fly up into the roof. If you stop flying you'll here a splash as if you landed back in the sewer. You will acually die after a couple seconds after you landed.
100% tested
Knuckles and Eggman
Can be done by: Tails, Sonic, Knuckles and E-102 Gamma
Upgrades needed: Jet Anklet (For Tails)
Progress in story needed: You need to start Super Sonics Story

Do the "Tails at the Master Emerald" glitch (FOR TAILS ONLY) then go over to where Knuckles and Eggman where in the cutscene in Super Sonic's story and they will still be there! This is very weird with Knuckles! Also with Knuckles, when you move a different movement (Up, Down, Left and Right) next to the other Knuckles his head will move. There are three movements, Head faceing floor, head facing towards the camera and he will also face towards the sky.
New glitches that I discovered!
As Sonic go to the moutain you run on to get an emblem in Mystic Ruins.
Get back and start a spin dash. Once you go, press B ASAP! You should be running. Go up, not right, and you should reach the top if you were sucsessful. You'll either fall off the mountain (too slow) or fall off the top and see the bridge the train goes through, you'll go through it (too fast) but if you want to go back, go through the mountain and you'll be back where you were.
As Knuckles, go to Red Mountain and find all the emeralds. Now jump and you'll be facing another way than your original pose. Note: you need to do a hint and chase it on last emerald. This works also after you beat Chaos 2.
As Tails, go to your work shop and fly to the wall on the staircase nearest to your work shop. You'll hit a wall, go to the road you go on in the Tornado 1 and you'll fly through the wall. Becareful not to fall! Also if you go to the ladder near the Ice Cap stage, fly as high as you can and when Tails stops, grab the ladder. Now keep climbing till you reach the end. Jump off, not grabbing any parts of the ladder, and you'll land on the ground while going to the Ice Cap stage.
Tails at the master emerald
Character: Tails
Upgrades needed: Jet Anklet
Camera View: Free Cam.

Go to the door that you open to go to Ice Cap Zone then go to the right just when you go through the door way. Fly up and move forward. The face left and fly, you will go through the wall and you will land on Angel Island. There is 2 ways of getting out: Go to the place where Red Mountain is and jump (you will lose a life.) Or the hard way: Go to the door , fly up and fing the exit (it is a wall that you go through)

Easter eggs

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Metal Sonic
Get all 130 emblems in the game.


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2 Player in Adventure Mode!
When playing adventure with Sonic, after you've rescued tails, you can use the second controller to play as tails, use tails to get extra rings or help defeat bosses because if he gets hit you don't lose rings!
NOTE: if player 2 gets lost or goes too far away from Sonic for too long tails should reappear right next to Sonic ;>
A lot of Cheats
In-Game ResetHold Start + A + B + X for a few seconds during game play.

Mission ModeSuccessfully complete the game in adventure mode with all characters to unlock the "Mission Mode" option at the main menu.

Two Player Game Gear ModePress Start on controller two to display a second Game Gear screen for that player. If the original Game Gear game supported the multi-player link, the current game will switch to multi-player not. If the game did not support the multi-player link, game play on each screen will be unrelated.

Play As Metal SonicCollect all 130 Emblems to unlock Metal Sonic in trail mode.

Toggle Game Gear Game ScreenTo view the Game Gear games in a smaller, not pixelated view, press L + R. Pressing L + R again will return the view back to normal.

Play As Super SonicComplete the game using all six starting characters to unlock Super Sonic. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic after some time into the next game.

Play As TailsController two may be used for Tails after he is obtained during game play in story mode. Note: Shields, invincibility and extra life boxes have no effect on Tails if collected. Note: If Tails goes too far away from Sonic, he will appear next to Sonic.

Sonic Chaos: Level SelectPress Up(4), Right, Left, Right, Left, Start when "Press Start" appears at the Sonic Chaos title screen.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Level SelectAt the Sonic The Hedgehog 2 title screen, Tails will blink his eyes (first once, then two times quickly). While holding Down/Left + A + B, tap Start just when his eye shuts on the second blink of the double-blink.

Sonic Spinball: Level SelectEnter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6.

Sonic Spinball: Zoomed In ViewEnter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1, 1, 6, 6.

Sonic Spinball: Disable GravityEnter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8.

Sonic Spinball: Faster Background MusicEnter the "Sound Test" option for Sonic Spinball. Then, play the following songs in order: 0, 4, 2, 5, 5, 7.

Sonic Labyrinth: Level SelectPress Up(2), Right(3), Down(6), Left(9) when "Press Start Button" appears at the Sonic Labyrinth title screen.

Unlock SonicCollect all 20 emblems.

Unlock Sonic DriftCollect all 40 emblems.

Unlock Sonic SpinballCollect 80 emblems.

Chao SwimmingTo improve your chao's swimming ability, give it any of the following animals: seal, penguin, beaver.

Chao StrengthTo increase your chao's strength, give it any of the following animals: elephant, gorilla, lion.

Chao RunningTo help your chao run, give it a deer animal, a rabbit or a wallaby.

Chao FlyingTo help your chao fly, give it a bird.

Unlock GameGear GamesGet a Sonic emblem or finish ten missions. The 'minigame' option will be added to the main menu.

Glitch: Tails in Emerald Coast [By gamefreak8895]As Tails, go to the pool outside the hotel. Go to the right 'till your directly below the balcony. Fly and do NOT move the anolog stick. You'll go through the balcony. Now slowly run outside of the hotel to a small platform. Note:This next part can be easier with the jet anklet. Now,try to fly over to the beach far enough so you won't die, and go to the blue gate. And you're in Emerald Coast. Note:You can only play the first part,then you'll back to the pool.

All Character Chao
Sonic Chao-Hatch either a normal egg, or a blue egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in both of it's evolutions, make it the running type.
Super Sonic Chao- Hatch a gold egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in both of it's evolutions, make it the running type.
Shadow Chao- Hatch a normal egg, and raise it dark. Then, in both evolutions, make it the running type.
Super Shadow Chao- Hatch a silver egg, and raise it dark. Then, in both of it's evolutions, make it the running type.
*Metal Sonic Chao- Hatch a shiny sky blue egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in both of it's evolutions, make it the running type. While it's an egg, you can change it's face by punching it, or throwing it (since it's Metal Sonic).
Amy Chao- Hatch a pink egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in both of it's evolutions, make it the running type.
Knuckles Chao- hatch a red egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in it's first evolution, make it the power type, and in it's second evolution, make it the flying type. Then, make it wear its egg shell, for an added feature.
*Metal Knuckles Chao- hatch a shiny red egg, and raise it neutral. then, in it's first evolution, make it the power type, and in it's second evolution, make it the flying type. Then, make it wear its egg shell for an added feature.
NiGHTS Chao- Hatch either a normal egg, or a purple egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in both of it's evolutions, make it the flying type.
Magnet-Man Chao(Magnet-Man from the old Mega Man game)-Hatch a normal egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in it's first evolution, make it the flying type, and in it's second evolution, make it the power type.
$Ram Chao- hatch a normal egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in it's first evolution, make it the flying type. In it's second evolution, make it the running type.
$Shark Chao- hatch a normal egg, and raise it neutral. Then, in it's first evolution, make it the power type. In it's second evolution, make it the swimming type.
#Angel Chao- hatch any Chao of your choice, and raise it Hero. Only give it hero fruits, and get it to it's 3rd life. Then, give it 1 of every animal, care for it, and wait for it to evolve.
#Devil Chao- hatch any Chao of your choice, and raise it Dark. Only give it Dark fruits, and get it to it's 3rd life. Then, give it 1 of every animal, care for it, and wait for it to evolve.
#Chaos Chao- hatch any Chao of your choice, and raise it neutral. Feed it fruit from the Chao Garden, or both hero and dark fruits, and get it to it's 3rd life. then, give it 1 of every animal, care for it, and wait for it to evolve.
#Tails Chao(faster way)- on SA2B, hatch a normal chao, and put it in the first space in the Hero Garden, or the Chao Garden. Then, get an action replay, and put in this code in this order:
Once you've done that, send it to the Tiny Chao Garden, and then to SADX.

*- This means that you can get their shiny eggs by breeding their color with a shiny white Chao, and sending it to SADX od SA2B, or get it by the Tiny Chao Garden.
$- This means that these are animal chao. Their heads look like animals.
#- This means that these are the legendary Chaos Chaos. These Chao are immortal, and can't breed with other Chaos.
To help with the neutral Chaos, make a list of how many times you've gave your chao Dark Fruit or Hero Fruit. When you Chao is sleeping a lot, he is preparing to evolve. LEAVE IT ALONE! For the Chaos Chaos, make a check-list of all the animals, where they are, and check them off the list. If you have any questions, or anything, e mail me at

back on the mountian
in the ice cap level at the end u can use sonic'dash at the invisable wall. you will be able to walk back up the mountian.(you can't go all the way) 100% tested
Change Game Gear Screen Size
Hold the L and R buttons to shrink the screen size down while playing a GG game.
Cream the Rabbit
When you first land in Station Square and walk out the Station as E-102"Y" Gamma you'll see a flying thing that looks like tails. Jump to reveal that its really Cream
Free RIngs! (Not that it will do you much good)
If you cut down weeds in front of the pond (Mystic Ruins) with Tails, rings will sprout out!
get rings
ok first you have to leave ur game on the entire time and DONT SAVE. First you beat every level and run around after you beat the boss. After you beat the final level turn off the power and you will have 2 million rings.
Glitches and some Hazards
Glitch 1:
Go to the Egg Carrier Chao Garden and go to the tower thing behind the Chao Transporter (this only works with Sonic). Do you see a few flowers to your left? Walk into them and then you'll go up the tower thing! Cool, heh?

Glitch 2:
I don't know if this is a glitch, but it's cool. Go to the tower thing and run up it. When you're at the top, you'll be sliding down. Slowly at first. When you get to the red part (about half way), this is when the fun starts. You'll be sliding down the tower thing really fast and when you reach the bottom, you'll run for a bit. As far as I know, this only works for Sonic, Tails and Knuckles. Try with the other characters to see if it works for them as well.

And now for the Hazards:
The Chao Gardens are a safe place to be, right? They're not! You can drown in the Egg Carrier Chao Garden and the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden! In the Egg Carrier Chao Garden, go to where the water is deepest (any character except Big or E102 Gamma). You will know if the character has gone in deep enough when there's bubbles coming out of their mouth. After about a minute or two, the drowning music will play. The character will have 10 seconds to get out, but if you don't, then the character will have lots of bubbles coming out of their mouth and then lifelessly resurface. Dead. And to drown in the Mystic Ruins Chao Garden, go as Tails or Amy (I am not sure if this will work with any other characters) and go to where the water is deepest, by the waterfall. After some time, the drowning music will play. If you don't get out of the water within 10 seconds, the character will lose a life.
Having Trouble with Perfect Chaos?
Well, not anymore! After the name and Life Guage appear, push up on the Control Stick. Grab as many Rings as you can (rings are your Super Counter; as soon as you don't have any more, you lose your Super Form!). Dodge the liquified beast's blows, and use the Speed Boosts. When Sonic's aura is blue, run into Mr. I really want to destroy Earth again, and you'll go through his brain, and hurt him. Repeat twice more. The next form is HARD. Use Speed Boosts, and don't let Chaos hit you! *NOTE* The tornadoes he fires in the second battle easily stop you! Don't get hit, make sure your Ring Count is high, and beat the true ending, or... the Boss.
How to get a pefect chao without saving!
If you want a perfect chao without saving, then you must have Sonic Pinball Party for GBA and a link cable it works better with more than 1 person, hatch a chao egg, in the chao garden and name it whatever. Then you trade it to Sonic Pinball Party and get rings on the gameboy while someone else is going out of the chao garden safetly and getting rings and animals for the chao (i reccomend casinopolis) and then go back to the chao garden (this time bring a gold egg) because the shell is worth 250 rings and then get the chao back from the GBA game and make your chao kiss the animals, and with the rings buy a dark or hero fruit (hero makes it an angel and dark makes it a devil) and either fruit just keep feeding them to it until it appears in a cocoon and when it comes out it will be devil or angel (depends on the fruit you feed it) and then you repeat, if you get sick of playing sonic dx and want to turn it off and think ur chao will dissappear, well instead of destroying it just put it in Sonic Pinball Party and it will be there!
Japanese GameGear Games
When you switch the game's text to Japanese, you can play the Japanese versions of the GameGear games (Sonic Chaos becomes Sonic & Tails)
Level up Items for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
Light Speed shoes: Station Square- drop into the sewer throught the hole. Jump on to the balcony straight ahead and there are the light speed shoes.

Crystal Ring: station square- While in the hotel go up the stairs, hit the 2 switches and charge up the light speed dash and go into the room to get the crystal ring.

Ancient light: mystic ruins-after going through the cave where Ice cap is, don't go where ice cap is just run to the edge and you should see a rock where the ancient light is.


Jet shoes: station square-by the tube to get to Twinkle park, go behind there and you should see a entrance to the sewer. Go in there and you should see a hole on the ceiling. Fly up there go through the an empty doorway and get the jet shoes.

Rhythm badge: tikal vision-while in the vision, look around by the perimeter until you find the rhythm badge.

Shovel Claws: mystic ruins-To find the shovel claws go to the cave hidden by Tails workshop (lower grounds) in the cave there should be a mine kart and another entrance. Go in the entrance.

Power gloves: mystic ruins jungle area-go to Bigs house and climb up the wall til you get on a ledge run to the end to find the Power gloves.
more glitches
hey, its me again.i got more glitches...

* Knuckles in Emerald Coast-
get the statue as knuckles. go to the same as the tails in emerald coast glitch.put the statue in the right which will take a few tries.
jump by him without pressing glide towards the corner.if you mess up,try again.jump on the statue and jump quickly when you are on it
when you have the slip through the wall.glide towards the other side of the gate to enter Emerald Coast as Knuckles!

* tunnel glitch-
only Sonic,Tails,and the mystic
ruins go to the tunnel in the rest of the track
jump against the wall on the bottom-right corner
of the tunnel entrance and slip through the wall.

i found a bunch of glitches!!!!!

*game freeze glitch-as knuckles in twinkle park on the track,there are 2 enemies in black hovers.
kill one of them and jump in front of the hover.
the game will mysteriously automatically freeze!!!

*tails in twinkle park-do the same thing as knuckles in twinkle park,but when you slip in the door,DO NOT JUMP!!!!all you do is just keep on dying.

*other side of the sewer-as tails,grab the statue and go in the sewer place(near twinkle park).place the man in the right spot(this is gonna take a bunch of tries)in the bottom left corner of the gate.keep trying until you fall through the to get to the other side.

*disappearing act-do the other side of the sewer through the city background.go back in the sewer and ya know what........THE STATUE IS GONE!!!

*ghost train.......-as tails,grab the man and set him by the guy in the blue suit in the station square station.this may take a few tries.
use the rhythm badge between the statue and the will fall through the tracks.

these glitches are weird...............
Over the Line of Rings!
Going over the line of rings in 'Iceberg' mission mode is quite easy. All you need is an Action Replay, the moon jump code, and the turbo code.

Okay, first go throguh the whole level like you normally would. At the very end, (where the capsule is) try to go back up the mountain. Can't do it well, right? If you use the Turbo Code, You can get throguh the invisible barrier and in the area where you just boarded down. , once you do that, 'scale' the mountain using the Moon/Super Jump code. GO to the area where the wooden bridge is located. go to the very back of this bridge, and kick in the nitrox (turbo). When near the very, very end of the bridge (where the jump thingy is located) Super Jump off the slope, and you might just pass over the line of rings. Practice makes perfect, so don't give up trying if you don't make it the first couple of times.

100% tested by me!
Play as Metal Sonic
To play as Metal Sonic, get all 130 emblems, you will be able to play with Metal Sonic in all of Sonic's levels.
Play GameGear Games Multiplayer
When playing a game gear game, press start on the second controller and another screen will come up, allowing both to play the same game.

if the game is multiplayer, both will play the same game against eachother.
Sonic chaos: level select
Press up, up, up, up, right, left, right, left, start when "press start" appears at the sonic chaos title screen.
Sonic Chaos: Sound Test
Press DOWN(2), UP(2), LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, and A at the Sonic Chaos title screen.
Sonic Drift 2
To unlock sonic drift 2, you must collect 110 emblems.
Sonic in tails\' speed highway(dead end)
After you grab the rocket thats sends you in a building, don\'t go to the next part!turn the camera left and if you have good eyes,you can see the narrow road that leads to tails\' speed highway mission.but to get over there,spin dash towards the cliff of the building and jump on the edge of the building.if you are lucky enough,
you can barely reach the road to tails\' speed highway.

NOTE:this can lead to a dead end.
Sonic labyrinth: level select
When "press start button" appears at the sonic labyrinth title screen, press up, up, right, right, right, down, down, down, down, down, down, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left, left
Sonic spinball: disable gravity
At the sound test option, play the following songs in order: 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8.
Sonic spinball: faster background music
At the sound test, play the following songs in order: 0, 9, 0, 1, 6, 8.
Sonic spinball: level select
In the "sound test" option for sonic spinball, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1, 5, 6, 6.
Sonic spinball: zoomed in view
At the sound test, play the following songs in order: 0, 2, 1, 1, 6, 6.
Sonic the hedgehog 2: level select
At the title screen, Tails will blink his eyes (first once, then two times quickly). While holding down/left + A + B, tap start just when his eye shuts on the second blink of the double-blink.
Super Sonic!
If you get 100% complete on each character, you will be able to play the story of Super Sonic!
Tails in Sonic's Speed Highway!
As Tails, go into Speed Highway. Go on the path the you'd normally take with Sonic. Once you get to the ramp that's above where Sonic would enter the building, get launched off the ramp and immediately start flying over towards the building that Sonic would enter to get to the next part of the level. Once you're in the building you should be able to see the ceiling for the part Sonic walks into. once you walk on a certain spot, you'll be taken to the 2nd part of Speed Highway where you're running down the building, except Tails will just fall down and eventually fall into the 3rd Area.

Now, notice that you still have the bar at the bottom of the screen that shows where you and Robotnik are with progression of the map. You'll be at the very start of the bar. You can get rid of that bar and give yourself unlimited time to explore the 3rd area as Tail if you die in the part where you fall down the building. To do this you simply need to get hit by a helicopter, then with out getting any more rings, get hit by another helicopter. You'll lose a lose, but then will appear at the beginning of the 2nd part of the level without a time limit!

Have fun exploring the higher areas of part 3 of Speed Highway as Tails!
unlimeted giving animals to chao's
first get ur animals then drop the animal in front of it but keep away from the chao not too far after pick the animal up and it will still be shining but if you go too close it will stop shining and eventually dissapear

sincerally: joel
unlock 2 player mode
Once you beat sonic's story mode, go back and play any level with tails again. Before the level starts, plug in a second controller and have someone holding it. When the level starts, if the second player moves the joystick or presses any button, you'll notice tails correspond to what you just did! That means that if someone's playing a sonic level, the second player can race against you as tails!!!

Note: Since playing as tails is only a small little bonus part in Sonic's game, it'll only show one big screen instead of splitting the screen for both the characters. It's still pretty cool, huh?
Unlock Mission Mode
Completing a character's story will allow you to play mission mode with that character.
Unlock robotnik's mean bean machine
Complete Missions 1 through 10 to unlock mean bean machine.
Unlock Sonic 1
Get 20 emblems to unlock the Game Gear version of Sonic 1
Unlock Sonic Chaos
Collect 60 emblems to unlock the game Sonic Chaos.
Unlock Sonic Drift
Get 40 emblems to get the Game Gear Game Sonic Drift
Unlock Sonic Labryinth
Get 100 emblems to unlock Sonic Labryinth
Unlock Sonic Labryinth
Either get 100 Emblems or 80 Emblems and Complete 20 missions to unlock Sonic Labyrinth
Unlock Sonic Spinball
To get Sonic Spinball, get 80 emblems
Unlock sonic triple trouble
To unlock sonic triple trouble, you must complete all 60 missions.
Unlock tails' sky patrol
To unlock tails' sky patrol, you must collect 120 emblems.
very hard missions

To unlock very hard mode for every character do the following:


Complete emerald coast before 2:30.
Complete windy valley before 2:30.
(Casinopolis does not count!)
complete ice cap before 3:00.
complete Twinkle park before 3:00
complete Speed highway before 2:30
complete red mountain before 4:30
complete sky deck before 3:30
complete Lost world before 7:00
complete final egg before 5:00


complete all of tails' stages before 1:00!


complete all of knuckles' stages before


complete twinkle park before 3:00
complete hot shelter before 6:00
complete final egg before 5:00


complete final egg before :30
complete emerald coast before 1:00
Complete windy valley before 1:30
complete red mountain before 3:00
complete hot shelter before 5:30

(NOTE:Big does not have one.)