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ALL 60 Misions
Sonic Adventure DX mission information by <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Mission Description Meaning
1 Bring the man who is standing in front of the hamburger shop On the other side of station square there is a statue of a man that you can pick up.
2 Get the balloon in the skies of the mystic ruins By the lake in the mystic ruins there is a trail of spinners leading to a balloon.
3 Collect 100 rings and go to Sonic's bill board by the pool Get 100 rings in Station Square and go to sign by the hotel pool.
4 Weeds are growing all over my place I must get rid of them Go to Tails' workshop and use a tail attack to chop all of the weeds*Some are in water
5 I lost my balloon it went way up there now Climb up to the Chao in Space Sign and glide into the balloon
6 He is going to drown help the man in the Water Jump in the lake and carry the statue of the man to the target in front of the house
7 Lonely Metal Sonic needs a friend look carefully There is a statue of a man in Eggman's base in the mystic ruins put him in front of metal Sonic
8 The medallion fell under there no illegal parking please Pick up the car that leads you to twinkle park and search under it
9 Get the balloon floating behind the waterfall at the Emerald sea In emerald Coast behind the waterfall there is a balloon. There is a trail of spinners leading to a spring. Get to the spring and it will launch you into the balloon.
10 What is that sparkling in the water? Behind the fountain in the Station Square Chao garden there is a medallion.
11 Destroy the wind mill and proceed find the balloon in orbit Close to the Start of windy valley there is a trail of small windmills leading to a balloon Homing attack to the end of them
12 Who is a Chao good friends with and what is hidden underneath it 5 Signs will appear around you. Dig in front of the picture of Cream
13 I can't take a shower like this do something In Casinopolis there are showers and in each shower there is a spinner destroy all of the spinners
14 I am the keeper of this hotel catch me if you can In the pool in the hotel there is a fish that you must catch
15 My medallions got swept away by the tornado Somebody help me get them back In the tornado in windy valley there are medallions scattered every where try to collect them all
16 Get the flags from the floating islands In windy valley there are a bunch of long floating islands and most of them have flags.
17 Aim and shoot all the medallions with a Sonic ball In Casinopolis one of the pinball areas has medallions that you must collect
18 During the night at the amusement park place your jumps on top of one of the tables On top of the pool in twinkle park there is a platform use the hammer to launch onto the platform then jump to the spring and swing the hammer at it you will be launched so then try to hit the balloon.
19 What is that behind the mirror In twinkle park go to the area where the mirror shows gaps in the floor use the real Amy to make the reflection jump off the stairs and hit the balloon.
20 Get all the medallions within the time limit It's really slippery so be careful Go to Icecap in the area before the snow boarding There will be a button. Jump on it and medallions will appear between the ice sickles collect them all
21 Protect the Sonic Doll from the spinners surrounding it In final egg There are spinners surrounding the Sonic Doll Destroy the spinners without destroying the Sonic Doll
22 Find The flag hidden in the secret passage under the Emerald ocean In emerald coast there is an area off of the island you start on. On the bottom of it there is a passage that leads to the center of it and right in the middle there is a flag.
23 Go around the wooden horse and collect 10 balloons Go to twinkle park and there will be a merry-go-round just before the pool area with balloons all around it
24 I hate this dark and filthy place. Can you find it In the beginning of Casinopolis there should be a vent somewhere on the ceiling. On the vent there will be a picture of Cream. Fly into the Picture.
25 What is hidden under the lion's right hand? In Casinopolis There is a giant lion that lifts both hands when the right hand is up get what is under it.
26 What is on top of the ships mast that the pirates are protecting In Casinopolis climb to the top of the Pirate ship and get the flag.
27 Get 100 Rings and head to the heliport Go to Speed Highway and get 100 ring before you reach the helicopter then go to the heliport
28 During the morning traffic use the fountain to get to the balloon In the last area of speed highway use the fountain to launch Sonic into the balloon
29 I am the keeper of the canal catch me if you can In the sewer behind twinkle park there is a fish. Catch it!
30 A fugitive has escaped from the jail of burning hell. Find the fugitive. In Red mountain there is a trail of spinners leading up to a prisoner. Touch the prisoner.
31 Get the Balloon as you float through the air along with the trash In one of the air vents In Casinopolis there is a balloon you must fly up and hit.
32 Can you get the balloon that is hidden under the bridge Glide under the bridge on angel Island And hit the balloon
33 Shoot yourself out of the cannon and hit the balloon On the Egg carrier next to the pool area there are two cannons. One will shoot you at a balloon
34 Can you get the balloon that is hidden on the ships bridge On the bridge on the Egg carrier there is a spring that sends you to a trail of rings that lead to a balloon get ready for the light speed dash then hit the spring release the dash and you will go into the balloon
35 I am the keeper of this icy lake Catch me if you can In the lake just before ice cap there is a fish that have to catch
36 Fighter aircraft are flying everywhere. Somebody get me out of here. At the beginning of the second area in sky deck there will be a statue of a man. Pick him up and carry him to where all the planes take off. There will be a large target to put him on.
37 Fly over the jungle and get all the balloons Collect all the balloons hovering over the mystic ruins jungle
38 A message from the ancient people in the direction the flaming arrow is pointing you will see… In lost world go through the door on the bottom of the level and there will be two trails of burning arrows. Dig where they cross to find a medallion.
39 Treasure hunt at the beach! Find all the medallions in under a time limit Get all the medallions in Emerald coast
40 What is hidden in the area the giant snake is staring at I couldn't beat it without using action replay. The way meant is:
Go to the area in lost world with the giant swimming snake. Get the water to the top and look for a trail of rings. The rings will lead to two springs that are supposed to launch Sonic into the balloon

41 Look real carefully just as you fall from the waterfall In lost world hold right as the river carries Sonic and you will fall from the waterfall into the balloon
42 I can't get into the bathroom how could I let something like this happen to me At the start of hot shelter look to the sides and blow up the boxes if needed destroy the robots in each bathroom too.
43 Fortress of steel High jump on three narrow paths. Be careful not to fall. On hot shelter go to the end where have to put the blocks in the holes the second time Go to the spring that takes you to the blue block and there will be another spring on one of the paths hit it and you will go straight into the balloon
44 I am the keeper of this ship Catch me if you can. Go to the pool area on the egg carrier and catch the fish.
45 Go to a place where the rings are laid in the shape of Sonic's face. In final Egg Go to the place where E-102 Destroys the Sonic Doll. Look where the Sonic doll was and you will see a spring. That spring will launch you up to another platform. On the platform there will be a flag get it to beat the mission.
46 A secret base that's full of mechanical traps Pay attention and you might see… Go to the final area in Final Egg where you fall and collect rings. A balloon will be in the path
47 Get the 10 balloons on the field under the time limit. Get the balloons Scattered throughout the main area of the mystic ruins. *One is above the runway and one is above the workshop.
48 Can you get the medallion that the giant Sonic is staring at? In Casinopolis The giant sonic is staring at a medallion in the middle of a bunch of springs. Glide through the springs.
49 Scorch through the track and get all the flags Go to Twinkle circuit and go through the track to collect all the flags *it helps to go slow
50 Select a rod that splits out into 5 paths before time runs out Go to the area in final egg where you have to open different doors until you find one that isn't closed off at the end. Hit the button in the middle of this area and run to the end of a door before time runs out. One door will have a billboard in the back. *This May take several tries
51 Gunman of the Windy Valley Destroy all the spinners in under a time limit Go to the area in Windy Valley where There is a wall to blow up and a tunnel behind it. There will be a button on the wall of the tunnel. Shoot it and as you fall, Shoot all of the Spinners.
52 Get 3 flags in the jungle in under the time limit. Jump on the button and collect the flags located
1. The side entrance to the Ancient ruins

2. The entrance to the area where knuckles digs up the silver key

3. Walk from the ladder and turn left it will be where one path splits

53 Pass the line of rings with three super high jumps on the ski slope Use the ramps at the end of icecap to jump over the rings
54 Slide downhill in a blizzard and collect the flags At the end of icecap there are 13 flags to collect.
55 Run down the building and Get all the balloons Go to Speed Highway band when Sonic is running down the building collect the balloons. *Try to hit as many walls as possible to slow down
56 Relentless eruptions occur in the flaming canyon. What could be hidden in the area She's staring at? At the start of Red mountain look straight forwards and you should see a picture of Cream. Turn so your back is to the picture and glide forwards. You should see a small area with just a monkey a tree and a circle of rings. Dig in the middle of the rings and you will find a medallion.
57 Peak of the volcanic mountain! Watch out for the lava. Go to red mountain and when you reach the highest point of it look around for a spring. That spring will take you to another spring (you might have to push sonic) And that will launch you into a balloon.
58 The big rock will start rolling after you try to get all the flags Go to lost world where the big rock is. Slowly walk out in front of it and when you hear it start, turn and spin dash back up the slope. Wait for the rock to roll in front of you and then go back out. You will now be behind the rock making it easy to collect the flags on your way down the slope.
59 Watch out for the barrels and get the hidden flag inside the container. Go to Sky deck and Behind one of the doors opened by the lever there will be a flag
60 Something is hidden inside the dinosaurs mouth can you find it Go to Icecap and search under water for a dinosaur skull. Inside you find the end of the last mission.
Faster Speed dash.
Just tap the Z button to dash faster many times.
Glitch: Flying Knuckles:
Repeatedly tap [Jump] (default is [Space]) to have Knuckles jump in mid air, glide for a fraction of a second, then jump even higher. With some practice you can go almost anywhere. This very useful for the Red Mountain level.
Glitch: Glowing Sonic:
At Twinkle Park, charge up for the Light Speed dash. While holding the key (default is Z), jump in a bumper car. You will appear to be glowing.
Make Chao love you easily
OK first of all, head to the Chao that loves you normally .Now pet him, keep on petting him until a heart comes upon his head .Stop petting him and the heart will disappear, now pet him again. A heart will come again. Reapeat this again and again. When you think you have done it, whistle. If the chao freezes , has a question mark on his head, then a extermination mark and runs toward you. He loves you very much now. If not, do this again.

Tip: This will be hard to make a Hero normal Chao happy.

100% checked and worked by me.
Shortcut in Speed Highway.
It's VERY difficult but I can do it almost always.Remember the moving platform that lifts you right before the place,where you can run on the wall of the building(in the begining of the level)? Lift on this platform,juvp of it on the ground before the boostersand wait the platform to descend.Then jump on narrow rail that is under the platform(CAREFULLY!DO NOT FALL!!!)Do the soin dash,release the Z button and QUICKLY press the A button to jump off.It will be speedy long jump.Remember the place with a helicopter?If you'll do anything right, you jump at this place.Practice a lot and you'll clear this level in seconds.


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Game Gear games:
Each time you complete ten missions or collect Sonic Emblems, you will unlock a new Sonic mini-game. After unlocking the first mini-game, Sonic The Hedgehog, the "Mini Game Collection" option will appear as a play mode at the main menu.
Mission mode:
Successfully complete the game in adventure mode with all characters to unlock the "Mission Mode" option at the main menu.
Play As Metal Sonic:
Collect all 130 Emblems to unlock Metal Sonic in trail mode.
Play as Super Sonic:
Complete the game using all six starting characters to unlock Super Sonic. Sonic will transform into Super Sonic after some time into the next game.