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Sonic Advance 2 review
My review for this game

The good:

1. For people who love challenges, this game is for YOU! This will take a while to complete. This game is not like those other games that you can complete in 2 hours.

2. This game has varieties of music! Fun for all!

3. Super fast speeds that will blow you away! The fastest Sonic game for GBA!!!!!!!

4. You get to take care of your own little Chao!

5. Memorable characters to play and unlockables to earn!

The bad:

1. This game is really challenging. You have to earn 7 Chaos Emeralds to earn a bonus. 4 bonuses total. to get them, you have to earn all the chaos emeralds with all 4 characters. Harsh huh?

2. The ring thing is a cool deal. Rings are like money. Say you have 400 rings you collected in a level. you hit an enemy, and you loose all your rings! Hurry and collect them! The ones you save at the end of the level will go into your bank to buy food for your Chao, items, and some Chao eggs.

3. It's really easy to die in this game. Drowning, falling into a pit, touching an enemy when you have no rings, yeah. tough luck.

4. Back to the special rings. If you collect all 7 special rings, you can go to the special games. Some are hard to beat, some are not. You have collect 300 rings in 120 seconds. If you succeed, you'll get a Chaos Emerald! If you don't, try try again.

5. This game has so many challenges to go through. The bosses aren't that tough, but the higher you go, the more challenging they are.


I have 3 words for ya. BUY THIS GAME! This is a great game for sonic fans. But.....why can't I play as Amy? Well, you have to earn her by collecting 28 chaos emeralds (Seven chaos emeralds for each character)

This is a very swell game. For people who like challenges, this is a great game for you. But for people who are beginners, don't worry. We have lots of cheats for you.

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Watulio Aug 12, 07

You can play as new characters and each one has they're own abilities.


This game lacks of water level, at the begining ther's water but no one knows how to swim not even tails.And it's heck of alot hrder to get the chaos emeralds in this game


Only brings a challenge and a new character.
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