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My review for this game

The good:

1. For people who love challenges, this game is for YOU! This will take a while to complete. This game is not like those other games that you can complete in 2 hours.

2. This game has varieties of music! Fun for all!

3. Super fast speeds that will blow you away! The fastest Sonic game for GBA!!!!!!!

4. You get to take care of your own little Chao!

5. Memorable characters to play and unlockables to earn!

The bad:

1. This game is really challenging. You have to earn 7 Chaos Emeralds to earn a bonus. 4 bonuses total. to get them, you have to earn all the chaos emeralds with all 4 characters. Harsh huh?

2. The ring thing is a cool deal. Rings are like money. Say you have 400 rings you collected in a level. you hit an enemy, and you loose all your rings! Hurry and collect them! The ones you save at the end of the level will go into your bank to buy food for your Chao, items, and some Chao eggs.

3. It's really easy to die in this game. Drowning, falling into a pit, touching an enemy when you have no rings, yeah. tough luck.

4. Back to the special rings. If you collect all 7 special rings, you can go to the special games. Some are hard to beat, some are not. You have collect 300 rings in 120 seconds. If you succeed, you'll get a Chaos Emerald! If you don't, try try again.

5. This game has so many challenges to go through. The bosses aren't that tough, but the higher you go, the more challenging they are.


I have 3 words for ya. BUY THIS GAME! This is a great game for sonic fans. But.....why can't I play as Amy? Well, you have to earn her by collecting 28 chaos emeralds (Seven chaos emeralds for each character)

This is a very swell game. For people who like challenges, this is a great game for you. But for people who are beginners, don't worry. We have lots of cheats for you.


Continuous Fun!

The good:

Having to pick from four great characters Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and the new addition to the team Cream the Rabbit. With four individual characters to choose from and one secret character that can be unlocked this game can be continuous fun with the different levels, bosses and cleverly made attacks and skills from each character that is used.

For GBA graphics, it's incredibly graphic from a 2D game. Beautifully coloured and detailed with delightful music in each level.

The bad:

Unfortunately I have to say it's a little short. Though you may have all the characters the play through, I feel it seems a little short and slightly easy than usual.

The same continuous levels for eah character can grow quite boring.

Not really a storyline, just a platform game, which disappointed me a bit.


Full of speed, adventure and entertainment. With the variety of your favourite characters will give you hours of fun.

An overall for this game.

Graphics - 6/10

Music/sounds - 5/10

Gameplay - 6/10


SA2 is the bad news... crap

The good:

Only the moves.

The bad:

You have to unlock
Too hard
Long lifespan


There is a lot of crap sonic games. Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic CD, Sonic 3D Blast and now Sonic Advance 2. First of all, Its a 2D game and the 2ND Gameboy Advance Sonic Sires. Second, It's too overlacking. Third, You have to unlock charcters and the sound test and the Tiny Chao garden.... WITH ALL CHAOS EMRELDS AND ITS HARD TO GET ONE! Well, anyway, Foth that the game has very VERY long lifespan if you think Sonic is good, then this game is hardly great. Only the moves is good. the R thing is wicked, I do it all the time! And, the graphics are good but the music makes no scene to the level ex...


Sonic Advance 2 Rules!

The good:

There are lots of upsides including special rings that unlock an ultra-secret level! If you link it up to your gamecube you can access a chaos garden and watch 'em grow! Each level has at least 2 paths to go down!

The bad:

the game could use more characters, like Dr. Robotnik being unlockable! He would have skills like all of his robots being unlockable! They should make a game 'Dr. Robotnik fights back', and in the game u could unlock his robot's by defeating sonic and pals!!


I like the way that u can choose different paths so that if u miss a landing you can carry on. try searching google for 'ultimate flash sonic' to play it online. I personally haven't tried out the chaos garden yet but ma friend has and he says it's great, i think it's sort of like a game where u raise these little pets with attention, food and drink.
Goodbye Fizziwigers


Sonic Advance 2: Moderate Satisfaction

The good:

The level variety is good, moderate bosses, good music and a really good theme.

The bad:

Quite short, easy to clock and only 4 characters to choose from.


Sonic Advance 2 (better known as SA2) has moderate satisfaction in my opinion. Short, yet fun with secret add-ons, good music but with short levels, the levels are okay but short and with of characters to choose from. Every good thing in the game is somehow matched with a bad thing. Could have more characters, more levels, and could be much harder all around really. But this game along with with the Sonic Advance Legacy is very unique for the GBA. I give it a spot on 2.5/5.

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the blue blurr speeds back to your hand held

The good:

Awesome graphics, superb gameplay, super speed, lots of unlockables. Its sonic! hes cooooool!!!!!!!!!!!

The bad:

kinda repetitive, running bosses. reeeeeealy easy 'cept for the sky canyon boss he's annoyin'!


This game is amazing it has smooth graphics great gameplay and cool stuff to unlock.The bad stuff is that all the bosses are running. Meaning that you have to chase them while trying to hit them. The game is great in general and if youre a sonic fan youprobably will buy itr an if youre not a sonic fan at least rent it and if you hate sonic dont even look at it! Oh, check out my sa2 thread (the one about the shadow cheat) and post your thoughts. This game rocks and a side of rocks chips and it really does so try it or buy it!!!!! =.) I mean it!!!!!!!!!!!

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