SOCOM III: U.S. Navy SEALs Cheats

SOCOM III: U.S. Navy SEALs cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Don't give your allies any pistol other than the 9mm
Due to incomplete coding, your allies will never ever switch to their pistols weapons. It's dead weight, so the best option here is to equip them with the lightest weighing pistol available, which is the 9mm, no attachments.

This coding error has been fixed in Socom: Combined Assault, but as far as Socom 3 goes, only the player's pistol ever needs customization.
Great Tips to Improve your skills
Well, some of us suck at this game, and all of us can do better. That's why I've come up with the following tips.

1. Be quick - the key to survival is to shoot first, don't let the enemy shoot back. If you can take an enemy out with a headshot before they fire on you, do so.
2. Be accurate - if you can, make sure you have a good shot before firing. When very close, try to keep aiming at your enemy, and keep your crosshairs on them.
3. Be smart - stay behind cover, conserve your ammo, and take everyone's health into consideration.
4. Be careful - Don't try to sneak up on an enemy if you don't have to worry about stealth.
5. Be stealthy - Don't let your enemy know you're coming. If you can drop an enemy before they see you, then you can use a single shot, and have more ammo for when you really need it.
6. Shoot the head - if you have a possible headshot at a good range, go for it. It is better to shoot an enemy at a range where they are less accurate, and take them out with a sinlge shot, than having to sustain massive damage and waste a whole clip when very close.
7. Keep your health - do whatever you can to keep your health up. Take as little damage as possible by taking enemies out at medium-long ranges and don't give them a chance to shoot back. You are probably going to need as much health as possible for later.
8. Be alert - don't let the enemy urprise you. Always be ready for your enemy to pop out at any moment. This is a key point for survival. Treat every corner like a hiding place for an enemy.

This concludes my first range of tips, so stay smart and be sharp.
Increase ally IFF ability (indentify enemies quickly)
The only thing giving your allies long range scopes will do, is increase the range in which you can point at an enemy and order them to 'takedown' that target. The longest range (with the 16x high scope) that you can order a takedown is around 40 meters.

Significantly underqualified. :\

Your best customization options do not lie in equipping range-increasing scopes, but IFF improving equipment. The 'accuracy' rating of each weapon, by default, refers to the recoil of any weapon you are using. However this refers only to the player character. When considering the AI allies coding, the base stat refers to the gun's recoil, but any improvements in accuracy after that refer entirely on your allies ability to spot, and identify enemy targets.

In order of IFF improvements, from strongest to weakest...

1- Bipod
2- Fore Grip
3- Red Dot
4- Laser

Using above combinations of equipment, you can max out an allies IFF ability. This can come to great use when you need your allies eyes' to help you target snipers and other enemies (at any range!) that are in the area. Thus, you can effectively maintain stealth and pick off enemies yourself as your allies call them out.

I find the best equipment for allies is anything with a fore grip and red dot, since many SEAL weapons can use that configuration, even the top-heavy support machine gun "SAW". For stealth, I suggest the IW80A2 with suppressor 2 and fore grip.
Soldier stance alerts player to nearby enemies
When you're camping in a stage, and you're stationary when no enemies are around, your player character (Specter) will lower his weapon in an idle stance. When an enemy is within earshot however, Specter will raise the weapon into a ready stance. This also works if you're running around, though it can be a bit tougher to notice when not directly paying attention. Regardless, this also works online, and can be called a 'spider sense' or sorts, alerting you to enemies that may otherwise get the jump on you.

Works in Socom 3 and Socom: Combined Assault.
The Sniper's Tips
Well, you wanted a the next range, so here it is: the Sniper's Tips

1. SHOOT FOR THE HEAD! - I cannot stress this enough. Sniping means one shot, one kill. With a good scope, you can conserve your ammo and just blow the head off any enemy. Sometimes, your enemy will even surrender in fear of your skills.
2. FIND AN APPROPRIATE GUN! - bolt-action sniper rifles with high scopes are good if you have a good sniping spot, but remember that you NEED to be able to fight in close-quarters. In my opinion, the M14 does VERY well for this. Add a good scope and a laser and you have a sniper rifle that can hold its own in a fight and still take out enemies at a distance. The M16 works well too.
3. BE STEALTHY - like before, you can't let the enemy shoot back, or see you for that matter. Find a good spot out of your enemies eyesight, and maybe add some cover. Aim for the head, if possible. Better to fire a single shot and conserve ammo and make less noise than to empty half a clip into their chest and waste, well, half a clip and make tones of suspicious noise.
4. BE ACCURATE! - don't settle for any less than a 100% hit. Wait for your aim to steady, crouch down or lie down, then hit them in the weakspot (mainly the head). If you can't hit the head, hit them in a place so that they will come out of hiding to engage you, then hit the head.
5. BE PATIENT! - patience is the key to being a good sniper. Wait, relax, and watch. Scan the area for enemies, pick one, and then wait 'till they stop moving. THEN headshot them. Remember, don't settle for less than a 100% hit!.

This concludes my second range of tips. Enjoy!
Note: use my first range of tips with these for better preformance.
captain difficulty- complete game on commander
admiral difficulty- complete game on captain
IW-80 A2 assault rifle(for online play)- complete game on admiral, and complete poland
STG-77 assault rifle(for online play)- complete game on admiral, and complete poland
north africa ghillie suit(for online play)- complete north africa on commander, captain, and admiral
south asia ghillie suit(for online play)- complete south asia on commander, captain, and admiral
poland ghillie suit(for online play)- complete poland on commander, captain, and admiral


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Unlimited Model 18 Ammo
This only works on the mission called Nuatical Salvage.First,go to armory and select the weapons M4A1,low scope,Mark 23,supressor(for Mark 23),ammo and C4(required).Then, deploy and then pilot the SOC-R boat until you have to destroy the enemy boat.Destroy it, then ride to the island on your mini-map.Back-up on the island so that the back is on the shore.Then, switch to the grenade launcher position on the SOC-R and fire in the air above the island and you'll hear sounds like WHOOSH,BAMM,and AHH!Finally,go on the island and shoot everybody accept for the man by the docks.After you shoot almost everybody, shoot the man by the docks.Run to him and pick-up his secondary weapon.(A Model 18)Fire it and it should either say 16/30 the whole time, or the # of bullets you have will go down, but it will still say 5 mags left.(This glitch only works 1/5 of the time!)