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Snood FAQ/Strategy Guide

by Rev4n   Updated to v1.0 on
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I. FAQ Info
II. Game Basics
   A: Pulldown Menus
      1. Snood
      2. Game
      3. Difficulty
      4. Preferences
      5. Players
      6. Help
   B: Puzzle Mode
III. Journey Mode and Child, Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil
IV. Puzzle Mode
   A: How to Play
   B: Levels 1-50
VI. Contact, Acknowledgments, Copyright

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I. FAQ Info

6/4/2005- Finished FAQ and made Submission to
6/3/2005- Finished puzzle mode.
5/31/2005- Started FAQ, finished Puzzle Levels through 16.

II. Game Basics

The object of snood is to get three or more snoods of the same color in a row
so they go away. You can also get knockoffs by destroying the only snood that
a snood of a different color is attatched to.  As you play, the danger meter
goes up.  If it gets to the top, a layer of bricks will come down from above,
giving you less playing space to work with.  Get rid of all the snoods on a
level and you win.


New to version 3 are Magic Snoods.  They are snoods that have special powers
and can generally help you out.  If you don't want to play with magic Snoods,
you can turn them off in the Game Preferences menu located under the
"Preferences" pulldown.

Stone:  The Stone magic snood will explode and knock off any snood in its
immediate vacinity.  One downside is that it doesn't appear to set your
danger meter back at all, but instead brings it up once.

Wildcard:  By far my favorite magic snood, the Wildcard snood will become
whatever color you shoot it next to.  It will only work when attatched to a
row of 2 or more of the same color snoods.  Also, it can work for 2 different
colors at the same time, so if you're able to, shoot it so it connects to
more than one row of snoods, even if the rows are different colors.

Rowbuilder: The Rowbuilder Snood is kind of annoying.  It creates a horizontal
 row of 6 of the same color snoods.  If no snoods exist, it will create them,
but otherwise it over-rides the colors of current snoods.

1. Snood

 "About Snood"
Gives you information about your version of snood, including copyright info,
author info, version info, and the snood website URL (

2. Game

 "New Game"
Start a New Game

 "Abort Game"
Leave the game you're currently playing and head back to the title screen.

 "Replay Last Game"
Allows you to replay the last game with the same exact snoods.

 "Just One More Game"
Snood will quit itself after you lost one more game (made to help out Snood

 "Pause or Resume Game"
Pauses or resumes the game.

If you don't own the full version of snood, you can use the Register button to
submit a registration code purchased from for $15.

Allows you to set up a tournament between 2 or more human players on the same

 "Open Saved Puzzle Game/Save Puzzle Game"
Open or Save your Puzzle game.

  "Get Score Verification Code"
Get a code to prove that you got the score you think you did.  You can submit
these codes to the World Score list.  Proof that you got your score

 "Show Chart of Snoods"
In-game menu of which snoods have been played so far.

 "Take a Mulligan"
A feature that allows you to redo your last shot.  If you use this feature, you
will not be allowed to submit the score to the world high score list and if you
submit a high score to your own list, a block of cheese will appear next to it.

 "Use Aimer"
A feature that gives you an aimer so you can make accurate shots.  Like the
mulligan feature, you will not be able to submit this score to the world high
score list.

3. Difficulty

 "Child, Easy, Medium, Hard, Evil"
Set the difficulty of non-puzzle play.

Sets the difficulty of non-puzzle play to the specifications found in "Setup

Set the game to play in Puzzle mode.

Set the game to play in Journey mode.

 "Setup Custom"
In this menu, you can configure the settings for custom difficulty levels.  Set
the size of snoods, the number of columns and rows of snoods, the number of
danger bar increments, and the number of skulls in play at the start.

 "Clear Scores"
Erase your high score list.

 "Clear Cheesy Scores"
Only erase those scores that are illegitimate and marked with a wedge of

4. Preferences

 "Volume Up/Down, Sound On/Off"
Customize the sound settings for Snood.

 "Switch Background"
Change the color of the background in play.  Some backgrounds clash with the
colors of the Snoods and make play more difficult.

 "Game Preferences"
This menu contains lots of game preferences (duh!)  From here you can:
--eliminate that annoying yellow background
--have the game warn you whose stats you're playing under (which profile is
--Elect to stary Journeys at the Evil Level
--Don't show the scrolling "Pause" reminder at the bottom of levels.
--Provide an aimer in Child Mode
--Play the famous "Please" noise even after you've registered.
--Don't play the noise for when a color of snoods is elimiated.
--Toggle whether or not to use magic snoods (Stone, Wildcard, Rowbuilder)
--Select the frequency of Magic Snoods (from 0% to 100% of the time, going in
0.25% increments.  Magic snoods will start after your first row is eliminated.)

--Game Speed... leave this on Regulate Playing Speed unless you know why you
want to change it.  Otherwise, you can set the number of frames per second.

 "Puzzle Preferences"
Change the puzzle preferences.  See Section II.B. for more information.

 "Small, Medium, Big, Huge Window"
Change the size of the Snood window on your screen.

 "Pick Backgrounds to Use"
From this screen, you can select or deselect which backgrounds you want to have
available.  To deselect a background, click on it so that a red "X" appears
over the sample.

 "Select Snood Graphics Set"
Change the graphics set for your snoods.  In other words, make the snoods look
different.  Fun times.
5. Players

 From this menu, you can set which player you want to play as.  This feature
is useful if you have more than one person playing snood on the same game.
This way, you can keep your stats separate from anyone else's.  To select a
player, select their name (or icon) from the menu.  To view their stats, click
"Show Stats" on the blue screen.  From here, you can view that player's stats,
change their name, or clear their stats.

6. Help


Your goal is to free all of the Snoods.  You can do this in two ways:
1) If you hook up three or more Snoods of the same kind, they will transport
themselves to safety.
2) When Snoods are no longer connected to the top of the playfield, they will
drop away.

Move the mousel left and right to aim your Snood-O-Matic Cannon.  When you're
lined up, launch the Snood by clicking the mouse.
You can bounce Snoods off of the walls of the play area, so be sure to check
all of the angles!

Every Snood you launch increases the Danger Bar.  When the Danger leve gets
too high, the playfield will shift downwards.  Don't despair!  You can decrease
the Danger level by dropping Snoods.

|Number  |Trans-|       |
| of     |port- |       |
|Snoods  |ed    |Dropped|
| 1      | --   |  10   |
| 2      | --   |  40   |
| 3      | 10   |  90   |
| 4      | 17   |  160  |
| 5      | 26   |  250  |
| 6      | 37   |  360  |
| 7      | 50   |  490  |
| 8      | 65   |  640  |
Completion Bonus:1000
Snood Use Bonus: The fewer Snoods you shoot, the bigger the bonus.

-You can see the next Snood you'll get on the little elvator. Plan Ahead!
-The robot won't generally give you Snood types you've eliminated, but there
is a lag in the system.
-If you get a Snood you can't use, try to dangle it off of a pair of a
different types so you can drop it easily.
-You'll never get a Skull Snood to launch, so you have to drop them.

 "Player Records"
Snood allows you to store a personal record of your games! To record your
statistics, select your favorite Snood from the  'Player' menu.  Every game you
play will be added to your personal statistics.  Your tournament record and
high scores will be stored, too.
-The names for the Snoods were chosen in a poll of Snood players worldwide.

To hold a tournament, select "Tournament" under the "Game" menu.
-You can have 2-4 platers and 1-6 rounds in your tournament.
-In each round, every player plays with the same initial Snood layout and with
the same sequence of Snoods in the launcher.
-For each round after the first, the players play in decreasing order of total
-1 win per opponent you beat each round; 1 loss per opponent with a higher
-If you want, you can record tournament wins and losses in the player
statistics files.

 "Puzzle Levels"
The Puzzle levels are a new way to play Snood! These levels are designed to be
challenging.  Instead of only playing one level at a time, you play until you
lose (or get through them all).  You can design your own puzzle levels with the
SnoodEdit progam.  Choose "Puzzle Options" under the "Preferences" menu to
select a new puzzle file or choose the order in which you want the levels to

 "Special Commands"
[this is for the mac version, on the PC version, substitute 'control' for

Pause (Command+P)-- Returns your mouse cursor and the finder.  Hit command+P
again to return to your game.

Abort (Command+A)-- Ends your current game.

Replay (Command+R)-- Do this if you lose but want to try the same game again.

Switch Background (Command+B)-- Change the picture displayed behind the Snoods.

Be sure to check out the Game Preferences section to get Snood working the way
you want it to.

 "Recent Features"
--Big artwork- Now you can fill your screen with Snood rather than playing in a
tiny window.
--Mulligan- take back a shot that you've misfired
--Aimer- use the aimer to place your shots more precisely
--New backgrounds- New music
We also have Snood clothing - see the About box for a link to the web site

 "New in Snood 3.0
--Updated graphics and animations!
-Magic Snoods - Three kinds of Snoods, the Stone Snood, Wildcard, and
Rowbuilder, will occasionally show up to help you out!
-New Backgrounds and Background Picker - There are 15 new backgrounds to play
on, and now you can pick from all 30 to get only the ones you like!
-Custom Snood Graphics Sets - There are now six sets of Snoods,  and you can
create and import your own Snoods.  Make Snoods out of your friends and family,
or from any other pictures you want!


Puzzle mode is a 50 level game that gets progressively harder as you go along.
See Section V of this FAQ for more information about Puzzle Mode levels.

The Puzzle Mode Preferences can be found under the Preferences pulldown:

    Order of Puzzle Levels:
If you select "Numeric," it will go 1,2,3,4,5, etc.  If you select Somewhat
random, it might go 3,5,2,1,4,6,7,9, etc.  If you select "Completely Random,"
it's just that.

    Start at Level:
Which level you want puzzle mode to start on.  For example, if you just hate
levels 1-12 because you've played them 43492034 times like I have, set it to
start at 13.

    Update Puzzle Level Set, Load Set From File, Use Default Set:
These buttons allow you to change the puzzle set.  The puzzle set is the set
of levels that you play in the puzzle mode part of the game.  You can edit your
own levels using the SnoodEdit program and a fully registered version of Snood,
or you can select a different pre-made set.  To go back to the regular set of
levels, hit "Use Default Set."

III: Journey, Child, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Evil

Journey mode starts out on Child difficulty and continues until you lose.
After Evil, you complete more and more Evil levels until you end up losing.
For Journey Mode preferences, see the Preferences Pulldown and Section II
of this FAQ.

Child mode is the only mode in which the aimer can be used without a penalty.
It is 8 Snoods wide and 10 Snoods tall, with a Danger meter of 16.  Games start
with 4 rows of snoods at the top of the level.

Easy mode is 10 Snoods tall and 13 Snoods wide.  It starts with 5 rows of
Snoods and has a danger meter of 12.

Medium mode is 14 Snoods tall and and 17 Snoods wide.  It starts with 8 rows of
 Snoods and has a danger meter of 8.

Hard mode is 14 Snoods tall and 14 Snoods wide.  It starts with 8 rows of
Snoods and has a danger meter of 7.

Evil mode is 14 Snoods tall and 17 Sonnds wide.  It starts with 9 rows of
Snoods and has a danger meter of 6.



Puzzle mode is very simple.  You start on level 1, and work your way up to
level 50, each level generally increasing in difficulty.  You can save your
game and come back to it later, use the aimer (hit X), or take a mulligan if
you wish.

B: LEVELS 1-50

DANGER METER= The number of danger increments before a layer of bricks comes
down. From a player's point of view, higher is better.

Level 1: Rainbow
This is one of the easiest levels in the game.  Very straightforward.  The only
trouble it might give you is if you happen to not attatch stray Snoods to a
row of colors--Say you only have gray and blue rows left, but you get a purple.
Don't just shoot the purple away, attatch it to either the blue or grey row.
This is a strategy that you should employ all throughout Snood, as it is often
the key to surviving the later levels.

Level 2: Slanty Town
If you're fairly confident you can make a shot, aim for the highest up combo
of snoods, as there's more chance of knocking off a substantial amount the
higher up you play.  Also, bank shots are very useful in this level, so if
you're good at those, it helps temendously.

Level 3: Gone Fishin'
Again, aim for as high up as you can go.  Since there are multiple layers
of the same colors in this level, it benefits you to take out the highest
ones you can ASAP.  Also,they have a lot of surface area, so don't be
afraid to attatch stray snoods onto a layer to knock off later.

Level 4: Layers
The key to this level is the joint pieces--the 2 outer greens, the blue on
the left, and the yellow on the right.  Destroy one on each side and a
substantial portion of the level is complete.  From there, use common

Level 5: Drop it!
First go for the outer purples, then try for the outer blues.  Take care
of the thing on the right whenever you get the opportunity.  Remember
to attatch stray snoods to rows of the same color for easy disposal.

Level 6: Junkyard
This level is really easy.  As a genera strategy, work from the middle
out.  Don't start on the edges, or you won't get any really good

Level 7: Let it Snood!
First things first: it's impossible to get those 2 light blue ones
right away, so if you're stuck with blues starting out, stick them
where they will easily fall off.  So, work for the bottom 2 first, then
work for the blues at the top.  After you get rid of the bottom 2
purples, you'll have the angle necessary to hit the blues.  If you're
not confident, just take out the next purples and hit the blues last.

Level 8: Tricky
This is either really easy or really hard, depending on if you screw
it up or not.  You're able to angle to hit any snood, so if you're
lucky enough to start with a grey, just put it up top and be done
with it.  Otherwise, aim as high as possible and don't miss.  I wish
there were more strategy involved, but this one is really just a
whether or not you aim correctly level.

Level 9: Hey
The Y is the most profitable as far as knocking snoods off is
concerned, so save that one until you need to bring your
danger meter down some.  The rest of the strategy for the level
is pretty much just straightforward. There's no really tricky shots
or anything.  This level should be a piece of cake.  Save the
H, E, and Y until you need to bring down your meter.

Level 10:Bonehead
This is one of the harder levels in the first half of the game. On
a sidenote, it is around this time that you should start saving your
game after you beat a level, or at least after every 3 or 4, because
this is where they start to get difficult.  So, to start this one off,
bank a shot off the left wall, placing yours in between the lowermost
blues.  Then, with a similar angle, but more to the left than the
previous, bank a shot to the next lowest blue.  Repeat, exact same
angle.  Then, staighten out and send 2 more up to the stray blue
below the row at the top.  Now all you should have left is the top
row, and if you did it correctly, no bricks.  If you have no bricks,
the best bank shot is to aim at the right wall, and try to hit the
11th teal speck in the boarder. (silver boarder with blue specks.
Those are what I'm talking about.  It should look more or less like
a 45 degree angle.  If that fails, keep angling shots.

Level 11: The Wall
Although this level is very much based on the luck of which snoods
you get, there are a few strategies: Work on chipping towards
the green column on both sides.  DON'T make it so that there is
anything other than what needs to be connecting this to the top.
In other words, don't aim poorly.  If you aren't sure about a shot
or something, just throw the snood in the corner of the level out
of the way and wait for something better.  Don't start sticking
snoods beneath the skulls--although it might pay off, in the event
that the bricks start coming down, you want as much time as possible.
This is one of the few levels where I don't advise bunching snoods
together to all be knocked off at once.  If you have something you
can't use, pitch it to the left corner.  Pretty much everything you
do in this level will be a bank shot, so I hope you're good at  those.

Level 12: Smiley
First things first, I HATE this level.  So, the key to this level lies in
one of two things.  The first one is knockoffs.  Use them.  A lot.  Keep
your danger bar down.  If it's getting high, stop worrying about the level
for a few shots and just try to get your bar down.  The other key is to
spread out your snoods. If there You  have 2 reds on the board, and 2
in the queue, I recommend (unless you see a reason not to) that you give
a red to each, instead of finishing one off and leaving one all alone.
So, don't just go for the obvious move--think about it and see if there
are any places you could aid before you take out 3 without a knockoff.

Level 13: Drawbridge
This is an interesting level.  I usually take out the middle first and then
work on the left side, leaving the right for last.  You'll need to do a lot
of really far bank shots, so the possibility of missing is rather high.
You might set up a few on the side that are able to be shot and knock your
bar down a bit, but sometimes doing that can backfire.  Play as high up as
you can.

Level 14: Limbo
I find it easiest to start low.  Knock the bar in half, or knock a third
off of it before trying to go for the higher up bank shots.  after you
eliminate any of the colored snoods, DON'T SHOOT ANYTHING in their places.
Unless that something is a yellow.  This level is really not very tough.

Level 15: Macintosh
In case you're wondering, it's in the shape of the Mac apple logo.  That's why.
Anyway, another level that is easy but hard.  I doubt you'll start with a blue
or grey, so put whatever you do get on the lower righthand blues, to knock off
later.  Build out, not down.  Once you get this thing opened up, it's a pretty
easy level.  One word of advice: don't forget about the sides.  It's easy to
just blast your way up the middle of the level, but you'll still have all the
blues and greys on the sides to worry about.  So don't forget about them.  An
easy way to get rid of the bottom row of greys and light blues is to bust a
hole on the right side, then shoot out the dark blues, then nail the 2 left-
most light blues.  This should take out your whole bottom row, unless you
messed it up somehow.

Level 16: Olmec
This is a difficult level, so save before you start.  Anyway, my general
strategy is to work outside to in, lower to upper.  Save the 2 purple rows at
the bottom for knockoffs.  Don't just get rid of  them right away.  That's
about all I have to say.

Level 17: Pods
Connect the 2 lowest pods with the center one, then get 3 in a row and send
all 3 crasing down.  From here, take out the two side ones.  Send bank shots to
the red and blue up top.  If you get any other colors, shoot them in the middle
so they can be eliminated more easily.

Level 18: Trinary
This level hinges on knockoffs.  After the initial row of greys, use a lot of
knockoffs and just work your way up.  Try to combine as many snoods as possible
that are already on the board.  And be SURE to work all the way across, don't
just focus on one side or in the middle.

Level 19: Curtains
The key to this is to keep snoods off of the bottom row.  Rely less on
knockoffs and more on simply clearing  out the bottom row.  Play horizontally
not vertically.  This level is pretty easy.  Also beware, you'll need to make
some really wide bank shots, and those can go awry.

Level 20: Slalom
This level is pretty easy.  Just don't forget about getting the sides as you
take out the middle.  Set up some nice knockoffs on the middle snoods.

Level 21:  Zuggurat
Get rid of the sides and bottom fist, then chip away at the triangle with a similar
strategy to that employed in Level 18.  Chip away and make as much use of what's
already there  as possible.

Level 22: Slats
Just pick away slowly and keep your snoods away from the bottom.
Wnen you get to the last grey snood at the top, you may have to bank it off the
 left side, have it bounce off the right, then the left, then the right again and
stick. Pretty easy level.

Level 23: Hexagon City
Save before this level.
For this level, work on getting the middle out of the picture as quickly as you
can.  Take out the lower left blues and the low green and purple, then work on
destroying that block on the middle (the one with the light blues on either side).
I highly recommend you build up some knockoffs that can be used if you need them.
Good places for this are the purples/greens on either side of the top of the

Level 24: Pair Party
This level is a piece of cake as long as you don't focus solely on the middle.
There are plenty of built in knockoffs with all the skulls.  Keep things under
control on the sides and you've got it in the bag.  If you have the opportunity,
start blasting the very top snoods and get everything to crash down from above.
Any difficulty here comes from perhaps a few tricky shots and a low danger meter.

Level 25: Lightning
First, try to get rid of the lower left column.  After that, aim as high up on the
other two as you are comfortable and send them falling down.  This is such an easy
level, there's really no strategy to it other than just... don't lose.

Level 26:
Instead of trying tricky angle shots to begin with, build horizontally along
the bottom row of skulls until you've gotten the right snoods to break it off.
After that, the safest way to beat the level is to just repeat this strategy, but
if you're confident in your bank shot, you can try to aim for some higher rows to
get larger knockoffs.

Level 27: Stripey
This is another level without much strategy involved.  Use knockoffs to your
advantage and start low.

Level 28: Abstract
As soon as possible, take out the red snood connecting the middle to the rest of
the snoods.  After that's gone, try to bank shot the row of yellows on the lower
right.  Once they're out, I recommend taking the lower left-most grey, then bank
shot to the 2 purple triangles in the upper middle of the level.  From here out
it's pretty easy.  Get rid of the sides first, as they will give you the most
trouble if your bricks start coming down.

Level 29: Slim
This level, work your way up zig-zagging.  As long as you use knockoffs wisely,
this level is really easy.  The beginning is hard, so don't build up vertically,
build as horizontally as you can without blocking off paths to snoods that matter.

Level 30:  Find the Dudes
First things first, try to take out the purple triangle up at the upper right of
the level.  This level requires a lot of bankshots, so if you think you can hit
the other purple in the upper left, go for it.  If not, go for some lower ones
with bank shots.  After the ones on the left are done, bank one to the rows of

Level 31: Polka
Connect as many as you can together--regardless of color. Once you have a few
hooked together, send them all crashing down, similar to level 17.  This level
is exceptionally easy.  Just work bottom-up and don't get overconfident.

Level 32: Victory
The hard part of this level is getting rid of the V of skulls before the bricks
push it down far enough for you to die.  Work equally up both sides and if you get
a snood you can't use, place it somewhere where you can knock it off as easily as
possible.  After the V is gone, it's only a matter of completeing a few easy
shots.  The V is what you should worry about.

Level 33:
Work from the bottom up and make use of knockoffs.

Level 34: Yo!
This level  is pretty hard.  This being said, there are  a few strategies that
I often employ.  First, save the lower right blues for a knockoff when you need
one. Don't get rid of them right away.  Second, conserve knockoffs, use them
when you need them.  Don't shoot for a knockoff if your danger is at 0 or 1
or something else low.  Wait.  As far as the greens, the ! won't give you
any knockoffs, but  both the Y and the O will.   Once the Y and O are eliminated,
it's pretty easy from there  as long as you don't build vertically.   Good luck.

Level 35: Valentine
Work your way towards the center.  What you want is to eliminate either the left
most or right most skull. After that, you have a clear bank shot to the top.
Otherwise, play down-up until you've gotten rid of the reds below the purples,
you have a clear shot at the purples.

Level 36: Perfection
It's called that for a reason.  If you even miss one shot, you've lost.  So SAVE
BEFORE THIS LEVEL.  First get the lower right hand red, knocking off some skulls.
Next, hit the one directly above your snood shooter.  Then go for the one above
that.  You should now have the 3 upper left ones to go.  Hit the one on the right.
Now, of the 2 left, hit the lower one.  This last one is the most difficult shot
of the level.  The rest weren't bank shots, this is.  It's difficult to describe
where your aimer must be, if you're having a lot of trouble, copy your save file
to another folder, then load one, turn on the aimer (X), and get a better idea of
what you need to do.

Level 37: The Tree
The key to this level is this: make use of the  skulls around you.  Throw any
unusable snoods  off into the skulls.   Better yet, attatch  skulls  to other
skulls using the snoods you can't fit anywhere.  Then, of you've planned it out
well, you've got a bunch of knockoffs just waiting for you, in many different
colors.  Otherwise, it's a pretty typical snood level.  Just don't connect your
skull snoods to the main bunch of them.

Level 38: Great Seal
This isn't very remarkable.  Aim for the weakest part of the wings (are those
wings?) Otherwise, just knock stuff off and don't get caught with snoods on the
bottom row.

Level 39: I, Robot
First, work your way to the green ones, once those are taken care of, take out
the silver ones in the middle.  Now that you only have half of the level, work
inwards, with focus on the yellows holding it all together.  Easy.

Level 40: Anchors Aweigh
First thing you have to do is get rid of the red and grey holding the anchor. Do
this by chipping away at the rows of colors.  After the anchor is gone, it's an
easy, straightforward level.

Level 41: Zags
The key to this level, as is many levels, is to get knockoffs.  This time,
however, I recommend taking them as often as you possibly can.  Go bottom-up and

Level 42: Columns
Use knockoffs and don't just play to the middle,  this level creeps up on you, and
finally you have a whole row along the bottom and no hope.  Don't let that happen.

Level 43: Zigs
Generally work upwards.  Once you have the greys out of the way, you can make a
bank shot to the blues up top.  Otherwise just use knockoffs and common sense.

Level 44: Trilobite
This one is really tricky. Work outside-in and take care of the bottom first.
Don't waste knockoffs.

Level 45: Distress
This is another one that is straightforward and you just kind of have to... do it.
Definitely create knockoffs, even if there is a row you can take out. Make keeping
your danger down your first priority.  Also, make sure you work all the way across
and not just in the middle.

Level 46: Bean
First priority is to break though to the triangles and destroy all four sections
of them.  This is fairly easily done as long as you knock off somewhat frequently
to keep your danger meter down.  After the purples are gone, it's simply a matter
of getting rid of the top rows, which is easy.  Use what's on the board as much as

Level 47: Beast of Many Hues
The title pretty much sums up this level.  I think the key is to save the
knockoffs until you need them.  You start out with quite a few set up.  Make it
your goal to knock down the rows of skulls, as they give you more and more trouble
as the bricks start falling.  I can hardly ever complete this level, it's pretty
much the only one where I can't offer anything.  Sorry.

Level 48: Mixer
Knockoffs, knockoffs, knockoffs.  Often.  This is probably the hardest level in
the game.  There's no real strategy since it all depends on the snoods you get
just try your best to keep them off of the bottom row, and get a lot of knockoffs.

Level 49: Chutes
Generally, I try to knock off the bottom row by hitting that green and then the
purple (or vice versa).  Then hit the middle-left purple or the yellow below it
and the blues on the other side.  After that row is taken care of, take out the
light blue in the semi-upper right (it has a skull to the left and lower right,
and a grey above it).  Once that blue is out of the way, take out the grey above
it.  Then go for the orange or grey on the right side of that row of
skulls.  From here, it's pretty easy to improvise, just work on whatever skull
part is closest to the bottom.

Level 50: The End
This level gets harder as it goes along.  Use a lot of knockoffs and save the
red "THE END" letters until you need to take down your danger meter some. Don't
get carried away.

V. Frequently Asked Questions

GOT A QUESTION?  Contact me, I'll try to help and I'll add your question to my

Q: What is a Magic Snood and how do I get rid of it?
A: It's a new kind of Snood incorporated into version 3.0.  See section II of
this Guide for more information about Magic Snoods.  To turn them off, go to
Game Preferences under the Preferences pulldown and select the box to turn them
off, or change the frequency number to 0/400.

Q: How do I make my own Snood set?
A: Use an image editor to make an image of 0 Snoods with 2 different images for
each one.  Each image is 64x64 pixels, so the overall picture will be 512x128.
For more information, see the Select Snood Graphics Set under the
Preferences pulldown.

Q: Can I edit my own Snood levels?
A: Yes, using the SnoodEdit program.

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Author: Cary Young
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dragonboy113( )
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And to Dave Dobson for making Snood.

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