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[edit] Background

The US Government receives disturbing reports that the plans for Metal Gear may have fallen into the wrong hands. The intel points to an installation deep in an unspecified jungle. Fearing that dreadful weapon may be under construction Solid Snake is assigned a team and sent in to determine the situation and prevent construction of Metal Gear, using any means necessary.

[edit] Gameplay

Snake's Revenge is a stealth game, where avoiding detection and performing silent kills are the primary objectives. Alarms sound if Snake is spotted by an enemy or a surveillance device, at which point the enemy rush his position. Snake gets to use a variety of items during the game to assist him, ranging from weapons to gadgets. Snake will receive advice and assistance from his team, whom he can speak with via his transceiver. He will also have to watch his step, as the enemy have set up traps to catch out intruders.

[edit] Features

  • Sneak your way around many varied environments, such as a jungle, base, train and ship, but get spotted and get ready for a flood of enemies
  • Make use of various items, from the standard knife and handgun to the scope and metal detector
  • Communicate with your allies for helpful advice and assistance
  • Receive promotions by rescuing hostages and extracting information from enemy officers
  • Use passwords to save your progress

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  • North America: Mar 31, 1990
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