Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army Cheats

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner - Raidou Kuzunoha vs. the Soulless Army cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Final Boss strategy (spoilers free)
Having problems with the final boss? Well I'm not surprised it is composed of 4 battles one after another...

1st form: The enemy attacks just like Raidou using a katana as a weapon and launches quick slashes and a stinger attack. All the attacks are deadly, so be sure to block them and make you demon stay as far as it can from the boss (because we don't want him/her to die so soon, right?). Now instead of using a 3 hit combo, use a 2 hit combo after you just blocked the attacks of the boss, if you use a 3 hit combo you WON'T be able to block its stinger attack that uses as a counter-attack. Also don't even think about using your stinger attack, it won't help too much. Always having a demon who can heal you will help a lot.
Keep doing a 2 hit combo every time you can, and the boss will die in no time.

Some cut-scenes

2nd form: The boss is now out of range for you to attack it, first you have to take care of the demons. BUT during these battles the boss will attack you using its cannons, be sure not to get hit, it will hurt badly.
The first demons are the Rashaka, they aren't that though, and they are weak to Force element, so exploit their weaknesses, next 2 other demons will appear, again they aren't powerful or anything just take them down. Finally two Lilith will appear, yes these two girls are immune to your sword slashes, time to pull out you gun with heavy/fatal bullets equipped, take them down.
Finally the boss will approach you, hit it will all your might, and have a demon you can also deal lots of damage.
After a while the boss will go away again and you have to re-fight all those demons again, until you deplete the boss' HP. In other words when the boss approaches you, use a demon who is powerful to deplete its HP, for example a brute demon with vile storm as a special attack will help a lot.

Some cut-scenes

3rd form: We are half way trough. Now the objective will be destroy its right and left hands, but he will attack without mercy, so be careful. His main attack is using the cannons in his shoulders, fortunately it's easy to see where he's aiming and evading this attack, the only thing is that the place where the cannon ball hit, a fire will broke out preventing you to pass over there, and if you or your demon do so, you'll receive damage. But the fire will fade away after half minute. His secondary attack is called Soulless beam, which is a laser, when he uses it run away from it, nothing too special.
The boss' final attack, on which he lifts his arms and then slam the whole battle ground creating a explosion, WILL SURELY kill you. To survive this go to the sides of the battle ground (the right or left extreme it doesn't matter).
It will take some time, but after you destroyed both of his hand it will transform...

4th form: Finally here we are, the final battle.
The Soulless Rain attack is pretty easy to dodge, but just like the cannon attack of the 3rd form, it makes the ground where the energy balls fell damage areas, so stay away from those until they disappear.
She will also use double magic spells from different elements, so if you are unlucky sometimes the boss will exploit your demon weakness and stun him or kill him. Block this magic and counter attack with everything you can.
You probably have noticed how the boss changes color, well the color symbolizes the attack it will perform, so you can predict what it will do.
Keep hitting the body until you deplete the boss' HP. If you die you'll have to re-fight all the other 3 fights so be careful and keep you HP at max.
Sometimes you'll be able to exploit the boss weakness, which depends on which double magic uses. For example if it used a fire magic, use an ice one and you will stun it, now hit it will all you have in order to make critical hits while it is stunned.
Good luck.
How to upgrade Raidou's devil summoning abilities
In order to become a better devil summoner and recieve a better "title", Raidou must capture demons and max out their loyalty stat. This means that when you capture a demon, be sure to use it on battle until it maxes out its loyalty then proceed to another demon and so on.
When you do this enough, Gouto (your cat) will tell you that you've become a much better summoner and he will tell you to go to the Nameless shrine, do so and the woman there will grant you a new title and more tubes to hold more demons! Also you'll be able to hold more MAG, which is necessary for summoning demons.
Loyalty trick
If you have a demon which you don't like to use, but you need to max out its loyalty in order to fuse him with another demon, forge him with your sword or sacrifice him. There is a method from which you can max its loyalty without using it in battle (and I don't mean using those items that upgrade loyalty).

During battle use any demon you like using, but when you have killed all enemies be sure to quickly press R2 and select the demon you want to max out its loyalty and summoning it. When the screens fade to black and it shows you who receives EXP and loyalty, it will be the last demon who was out in battle the one that earns it, even though it didn't fight at all.

This way you can max out weak demons loyalty easily.


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Hard Difficulty
Beat the game once to unlock the "Super Zunoha Raidou" difficulty setting, which is like a hard mode.
New Game+
By loading a clear game save data you will unlock:
Infinite normal ammunition (You'll find a special gun clip in your inventory) and a new side quest becomes available (collect uniform pieces during the course of a new game plus).
And your confinement tanks, loyalty, shop rank and title carries over. Unfortunately your level won't carry over, you'll start back to level 1.
Training Hall floors
Examine the washbasin in Nameless Shrine to enter the Training Hall.

7th Floor Clear Episode 9
4th Floor Clear Episode 4.
2nd Floor Clear Episode 2.
3rd Floor Clear Episode 3.
1st Floor Clear Episode 2.
5th Floor Clear Episode 5.
6th Floor Clear Episode 7.
8th Floor Clear Episode 9.
9th Floor Clear Episode 10.
Bottom Floor In Episode 12, save at the last save point to unlock this.