Super Mario Advance 2 Boss Guide v1.01
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Super Mario Advance 2 Boss Guide

by Galacticdramon   Updated to v1.01 on

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Version 1.0 - 07/12/2008
First version written.

Version 1.01 - 09/12/2008
Minor spelling correction in Lemmy strategy. Corrected name of Chocolate


1: About the Guide

2: The Bosses
2.1: Iggy Koopa
2.2: Big Boo
2.3: Morton Koopa Jr.
2.4: Reznor
2.5: Lemmy Koopa
2.6: Ludwig von Koopa
2.7: Roy Koopa
2.8: Wendy O. Koopa
2.9: Larry Koopa
2.10: Bowser


Super Mario World is widely regarded as one of the greatest platformers. It's
also widely considered among the gretest SNES games. Some say it's one of the
greatest games in general. The GBA port is also excellent, but unfortunately
didn't have a boss guide on the site. So...



Location: Iggy's Castle (Yoshi's Island; just after Yoshi's Island 4)

Iggy is a fairly simple boss. You fight on a giant turtle shell which lists
back and forth. Iggy runs very slowly toward you, stopping occasionally to
throw a fireball in your direction.

The idea is to throw Iggy off the shell. This can be achieved by jumping on
his head or attacking him with a fireball. If you succeed in hitting him, he
slides toward the end of the shell which is down. If the shell lists the other
way, stop attacking and focus on dodging his attacks. A series of attacks will
soon see him off. One thing to be a bit wary of is when the shell lists more
than it normally does - it's easy to slide off, but Iggy also slides more than
he normally would.

2.2: BIG BOO

Location: Donut Secret House (Donut Plains; en route to Star Road)

Big Boo appears if you take the secret exit from this level. You're fighting
in a room where the floor is made up of blue blocks. Big Boo is accompanied by
two Boos which move if you don't face them.

The strategy is quite simple. Big Boo is only vulnerable when he's not
transparent. Wait for him to stop moving (face those Boos!) and when he does,
grab a blue block and throw it up at him. If successful, it should hit him and
begin the routine again. If you miss and the block is destroyed, grab another
one. It's unlikely you'll run out of blocks to stand on. Three hits is enough
to eliminate him and open the first access point to Star Road.


Location: Morton's Castle (Donut Plains; just after Donut Plains 4)

Morton is even simpler than Iggy and probably the easiest boss in the game.
Morton runs toward you, and will hurt you if he hits you while moving. When he
reaches a wall, he climbs it and runs across the ceiling, before crashing down
when he's above you. If you're on the floor when he lands, you'll be stunned
briefly, giving Morton an opportunity to attack. What you need to do is jump
on Morton when he's on the ground. Three hits are enough to finish him. If
you're quick, it's possible to do this before he climbs a wall. 


Location: Vanilla Fortress (Vanilla Dome; upper route toward Butter Bridge)
          Forest Fortress (Forest of Illusion; west path leading to Star Road)
          Chocolate Fortress (Chocolate Island; on the main path)
          Valley Fortress (Valley of Bowser; take VoB 2 secret exit)

You fight Reznor on four occasions, but the battle is the same each time. The
fight takes place on a bridge with a large machine in the middle. The machine
has four platforms, upon each of which stands a large rhinocerous - a Reznor
to be more exact. Your goal is simply to jump each platform from below, which
eliminates the Reznor on it. When two of the Reznors are out, the bridge
disintegrates slowly, forcing you onto the platforms. Carefully time your
jumps to eliminate the last two Reznors, and avoid the fireballs they spit at
you. If you're quick, you can take out a third Reznor before jumping on. If
you're really quick, you can get four, but that's unlikely.


Location: Lemmy's Castle (Vanilla Dome; lower route toward Cheese Bridge)

Lemmy is a bit more inventive than Iggy or Morton. The room contains seven
pipes at various heights. Lemmy pops out of one pipe at random. He is backed
up by a pair of decoys which appear from two other pipes, as well as a Lava
Bubble which bounces around the room.

The best trick I know of is to stand on the lip of the highest pipe. It's
quite high up and it's near the middle of the room, so it's easy to reach any
pipe fairly quickly. If you're on the lip and Lemmy or a decoy pops out of
that pipe, you should be safe. Avoid the Lava Bubble as necessary, and hit
the real Lemmy on three separate occasions and you're done.


Location: Ludwig's Castle (Bridge Area; where the two paths merge)

Ludwig's normal attack is to spin in his shell and charge at you. Jumping is
the obvious way to avoid this, but spin-jumping is best; if you land on him,
you simply bounce straight off. Eventually, Ludwig stops revolving and jumps
through the air above you, before launching a few fireballs and spinning

The trick is to lure him to the far left of the screen. This way, his jump
doesn't take him out of range and you can attack him when he lands. His jump
is generally to the right; occasionally he goes left, though. Three hits and
he's out.


Location: Roy's Castle (Forest of Illusion; after leaving the forest)

Roy is essentially a harder version of Morton Jr. He fights the same way,
charging across the floor, climbing the walls and dropping, but there's a
catch. After each hit, the walls close in. If you fail to attack Roy quickly
after that, they close in further. This happens after each of the first two
hits, and eventually it can become tricky to avoid Roy. Three hits, as with
Morton, is enough to fell him.


Location: Wendy's Castle (Chocolate Island; where the two routes merge)

As with Roy, Wendy is a tougher version of an earlier boss. Unlike Roy, she
has a few unique properties. The battle takes place in a room with seven
pipes, as with Lemmy, but all the pipes are level. There are also two Lava
Bubbles instead of one.

Wendy's "fighting" style is almost identical to Lemmy's way. She pops out of
one of the pipes and is vulnerable for a brief moment before hiding again.
She is supported by a pair of decoys which appear out of two other pipes.
It's even easier than before to stand on the lip of a pipe, and Wendy, while
perhaps tricky at first, shouldn't be a major problem.


Location: Larry's Castle (Valley of Bowser; in front of the big castle)

The last Koopaling, and again, he's a powered-up version of someone else.
This time it's Iggy, all the way back on Yoshi's Island. Larry is exactly the
same in fighting style as Iggy, but there is a difference. Three Lava Bubbles
leap up occasionally, which can be very hazardous if you don't take extra care.
Other than that, it's just Iggy again, and it shouldn't be too difficult.

2.10: BOWSER

Location: Bowser's Castle (irrespective of which door you enter by)

Bowser, as the game's final boss, enjoys a few perks associated with
being the central villain. 

The first phase is fairly easy. Bowser flies across the roof for a while before
retreating into his Clown Car and throwing out two Mecha Koopas, before
resuming his flight. Jump on a Mecha Koopa to stun it, and pick it up. Wait
until Bowser is about to fly over you, and throw it upward. If successful, the
Mecha Koopa lands on Bowser's head. If it hits the craft's rotors or the chassis,
it doesn't work.

After two hits, Bowser flies off, and flames drop onto the roof. These can be
tricky to avoid, but spin-jumping on the top makes you immune. Bowser returns,
and Peach appears, throwing a Super Mushroom. If you already have a better
power-up in reserve, avoid it.

Bowser resumes his movements, now flying directly above you. Eventually, he stops
and inverts to drop a rolling ball. Jump between it and the craft before he moves
off, and do the same for the second ball. Bowser soon throws out two more Mecha
Koopas. It's slightly more difficult to hit him now because he flies directly
above, but two more hits is enough. A second rain of fire follows, and Peach
gives you another mushroom.

Now, it gets nasty. Bowser's Clown Car goes psycho and starts manically
crashing into the roof. If you're directly hit by the rotors, you'll be hurt. If
you're hit by the chassis, you're thrown aside. Bowser stops again to throw out
more Mecha Koopas, but there's an added problem now because the Clown Car can
destroy a stunned Mecha Koopa if it slams it. Two more hits will finish King
Koopa off.