Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 Cheats

Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Improve Your World Ranking
In your first season on Pro Tour Mode, compete in the Grand Slam. yes you will have to qualify but if you get through them, then you gain loads of ranking points and exp points to improve both your ranking and your player. Useful if you are experienced on the game and have just started a new Pro Tour
Nearly Perfection
To easily win against top players when you are just begining the pro tour, slice the ball as close to the start of the other side of the court. Usually, the other player will run up and hit the ball and rush to the net. You are usually able to pass them and win much easier.
Play as yourself in Exhibition
To play as your Pro Tour Mode character in an exhibition match, on the player select screen go to 'Load' select which memory card your player is on, then select your player. This is useful when you want to play as yourself against your friends character
Always be sure you're gonna miss the shot 'normally' before you attempt a 'running' shot, you can usually tell just by instinct. When you are, make sure you are pointing the stick/d-pad in the right direction or you'll run away from the ball.

The Circle (o) shots for me are the easiest to hit and aim, Square shots are faster and have no spin so I serve with them, I wouldn't reccomend using them 'in-play' to often though as their hard to aim. Triangle shots are risky, the drop shot should only be used in situations where the person you're aiming for is close to the net, it'll land behind them; the other 'special' shot (Triangle + Down) will kill the balls speed and just make it over the net, exploit baseline players with this.

Training will help you in all aspects of the game, serving, volleying and so on... TUTORIAL!!!
Unlock player card #2
To unlock the player cards number 2 win a difficult challenge in the challenge room or an easy and a medium challenge in the same room.


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Unlock BGM
To play in options mode, these pieces of music are unlocked at the end of Pro Tour seasons as gifts from adoring fans.
Unlock Grand Slam
In Pro Tour Mode, compete in a Grand Slam in a season, and the card will be unlocked at the end of the season.
Unlock Grand Slam Trophy
In Pro Tour mode win that Grand Slam to unlock the trophy, viewable in the Trophy Room, surprisingly!
Unlock Hidden Camera Angles
To unlock more camera angles such as side view, quarter view, front view or rear view, complete the season in Pro Tour Mode, and depending on your success you will unlock some.
Unlock Outfit #5
To unlock the outfit #5 for that particular player, complete Arcade Mode with them on Challenger Difficulty. ie. if you wish to unlock Tim Henman's outfit #5, complete arcade mode with Tim Henman
Unlock Player
To unlock Heihachi Mishima Finish the Arcade mode with a male player in Challenger difficulty setting
Unlock Player
To unlock Cassandra Alexandra Finish the Arcade mode with a female player in Pro difficulty setting
Unlock Player
To unlock Ling Xiaoyu Finish the Arcade mode with a female player in Challenger difficulty setting
Unlock Player
To unlock Raphael Sorel Finish the Arcade mode with a male player in Pro difficulty setting
Unlock Player Card 1
To unlock a player Card 1, complete Arcade Mode with that player on challenger difficulty. ie. if you wish to unlock Lleyton Hewitt's card 1, complete arcade mode with Lleyton Hewitt
Unlock Player Card 3
Beat that particular player in Pro Tour Mode. ie. to unlock Tim Henman's player card 3, beat him in Pro Tour Mode
Unlock Player Card 4
In Spectator Mode, watch the match to unlock the winning players Player Card 4. So if Tim Henman wins, you will unlock Tim Henman's Player Card 4
Unlock Player Tips
Unlock player tips (found in trophy room menu) by playing on any level in Arcade mode with that player
Unlock Tournament Card #1
To unlock the Tournament Card #1 (viewable in the trophy room) complete Tutorial Mode. On completion, four tournament cards will be unlocked. Card #1 for Roland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open and Australian Open