[edit] Background

A decade ago the World was at the mercy of an unknown aggressor who planted highly sophisticated Artificially Intelligent (AI) bombs all around the world. The Global Defence Network assembled an elite team to neutralize the threat: the Bomb Disposal Unit (B.D.U.).

The B.D.U. team was lead by Colonel Cage and prodigy Michelle Grace. Together they created a cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) prototype system that allowed them to defuse the entire AI network. During the diffusion of the final bomb in the network, Cage disappeared amid speculation that the VR system had malfunctioned.

Since Colonel Cage's mysterious disappearance, the world has been at peace. Until now.

The world is under threat again following the discovery of a new network of bombs that share the same "intelligent" core as the ones thwarted a decade ago by the B.D.U. team.

Michelle Grace, having risen through the ranks of the B.D.U., now leads the global response to this new threat. She will be responsible for training you in the latest VR system technologyt. Then it is up to you to save the world from this new reign of terror.

[edit] Gameplay

As a member of the Bomb Disposal Unit (B.D.U.), you are tasked with diffusing a highly intricate series of bombs which have been planted in various locations around the world. With over 150 different 3D puzzles, Smart Bomb will test your concentration, wit, and problem solving skills.

[edit] Features

  • Test your wits in Story, Arcade and Challenge modes.
  • More than 180 challenging puzzles.
  • Pick-ups" and "Collectables" will assist you along the way.
  • Features WiFi head to head action for up to 4 players!.

This game is also known as:

  • Bombshell
  • Baku-No in Japan

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Release Dates
  • North America: May 10, 2005
  • Japan: Jun 16, 2005
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