Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Tips

Dragon Slyer (Pig)!
This move is for Sly only (what else is new?) It works exactly like pistol redirection, only damage is guaranteed this time. If you have made it to ‘Cold Alliance’ yet, then I’m sure that you’ve encountered the infamous Chinese pig.

This move will tell you how to turn his dragon against him and will lower your damage rate at the same time.

Now like I said, this move is just like “Pistol Redirection.” Wait for him to wave his arms all stupidly, then begin charging up (your push attack) Right as he releases, you do too. You’ll probably want to actually use push attack one or two rather than three. You’ll understand I’m sure.

If you get to the dragon faster, the pig (and maybe even some other guards) will burn and you will lose less damage than you would have if you had been hit earlier without the move.

Warning: If you know that there's nothing else to do, and you are surrounded with all kinds of guards, that is the right time to use this move. Especially if you’re playing a really intense level like ‘A battery of Peril.” Also, be cautious of bomb barrels. Another thing, don’t try to use this move out on the General. I haven’t exactly leaned that yet.