Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Tips

Pistol Redirection
This technique is extremely difficult to master. You won’t get it on the first try. It requires fast movement, good reflexes and a good eye. Sly's the only one for the job! (Best performed in slow motion)

With this trick, you will be able to redirect Inspector Fox's shock pistol shots in another direction rather than towards you. You may even end up hitting another enemy if you're lucky.

In order to use this move, you must purchase the push attack series. (Best used with level 3; it stays charged the longest amount of time) When it looks like Inspector Fox is about to shoot, begin charging up your push attack. Right as she raises her gun, release (O button). This will hit Inspector Fox’s bullet before it fully gains its damage, and misconduct her shooting. This may even knock Carmelita to the side giving you more time to run away. If performed correctly, you should not receive any damage, and will see her shot going in another direction.

Warning: This move is for emergencies only. If you know that there's nothing else to do, and you only have a little health left, that is the right time to use it. If you perform the move too early, Inspector Fox will have already shot, and you will not have enough time to dodge. It could cost a fatal price. Be careful.

This move cannot redirect other moves, but can stop them. (Same warning applies.) Also, be cautious of bomb barrels.