Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Tips

Confusing the Wolf
Ever wanted to see if you can confuse the wolf of attacking the enemies and not touching you at all? Then heres how to do it!

( You need to buy the "confuse your enemies" spray thingie,its green and when you activate it,a green spray with be around bently's wheelchair)
Ok, so first off, you need to go on to level 3 and head towards the place where you cross the bridge and you see a well and some shops, etc. Get one of the flashlight guards to walk near the wolf. So all you need to do is bring up your cam(R3)and when the guard is around, shot the arrows NEAR the guard so he'll run off and see whats the fuss.(it's a good idea to be on a rooftop) Keep doing the same thing until it's near the wolf.(or the path the wolf is heading)Hurry and activate the spray and hit the guard so the spray is around the guard's body, and he'll imediatley starts attacking the wolf. But get this, the guard has to attack with his own hands(so that doesn't mean the laser that shoots out of his gun). After he hits the wolf with his underhand the green spray will go over to the wolf, and ta-da! The wolf is in the sickness too! So go run over there, and he won't bother hitting you! Even when he's finished killing the guard! But watch out, the sickness goes away so after you go see the wolf, better run off to another guard and do the same thing again!

LOLxD Enjoy!