Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Tips

Defeating Pirate Captains at sea
When you jump onto a ship after destroying the masts in Dead Men Tell No Tales, you will have to defeat the captain so the rest of the crew will surrender.

This is the best method to take him out:

First, use Jump Attack Level 3 one one of the crew members.

If the Captain gets hit by the blast, he will be knocked out. This is what you want to happen.

Run over to the unconscious Pirate, and keep pressing Triangle. This will keep knocking him into the air(You may hit him forward a bit so you might have to move with him).

Doing this will deplete his energy like wildfire!

When he has very little energy left you will stop doing damage. Stop hitting Triangle and let him hit the ground.

Now, any attack at all will kill him!

This technique may take some practice, but after a while you'll be able to kill Captains in about 14 seconds!