Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Tips

Loner Tower
Go to the level, "A Cold Alliance".

Select Sly in the Safehouse.

When you go outside, you should see a bridge in front of you and to the left(It's pretty far away).

Cross this bridge, and look straight ahead. There is a big tower in front of you. Head over to it.

Just before you reach this tower, you will see a bamboo shoot leading up to a ledge on your left.

Once up on this ledge, ninja spire jump on the wire leading across to the tower. Then go onto the tower itself.

Walk around the left hand side, and soon you will see a lamp that you can swing on. Use it to get onto a higher ledge to your left.

When you're on this ledge, jump onto the next level of the tower.

Go around either side, and soon you will notice a rope hanging down from the next level. Latch onto it and climb up. You are now at the top, and just to the left there is a hole in the wall.

You can go into it, but all you will find is a drop leading down to a trampoline that will take you back up again.

This may be an unfinished part of the level, as it seems stupid that you can climb to the top of a tower with nothing there(Hence the name, "Loner Tower").

You may feel like getting up here is pointless, but it is something to do, if,like me, you have nothing to do since you finished the game 100%.

But, there is a challenge involved with Loner Tower. Time to get up there with the rest of the gang! Bentley is easy enough, as long as you can use the hover pack properly it should be a cinch. The advantage Bentley has is that he can get onto the roof. Very exciting, I know. Not! But, you can sleep dart and bomb people for fun from this vantage point, so you now have a fun game! YAAY!!!

Now for the real challenge: try getting Murray up with his ball form! It's not impossible, I did it! It mostly involves finding a high point far away, and then bounce all the way. You can also get to the roof with Murray, which is perfect for doing Thunder Flops off!!!