Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Cheats

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves cheats, Passwords, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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In-game Passwords
During the gameplay of the indicated Episode or Chapter, pause and
type the following codes:
What it doesPassword
Restart at Day 1, Episode 1Press Left, R2, Right, L1, R2, L1.
Restart at Day 1, Episode 2Press Right, L2, Left, Up, Right, Down.
Restart at Day 1, Episode 3Press R2, R1, L1, Left, L1, Down.
Restart at Day 1, Episode 4Press Left, Right, L1, R2, Right, R2.
Restart at Day 1, Episode 5Press Left, R2, Right, Up, L1, R2.
Restart at Day 2, Episode 1Press Down, L2, Up, Left, R2, L2.
Restart at Day 2, Episode 2Press Down, Up, R1, Up, R2, L2.
Restart at Day 2, Episode 3Press L2, R1, R2, L2, L1, Up.
Restart at Day 2, Episode 4Press L1, Left, L2, Left, Up, L1.
Restart at Day 2, Episode 5Press R2, R1, L1, R1, R2, R1.
Restart at Laptop RetrievalPress L2, Left, R1, L2, L1, Down.
Restart at Op Moon CrashPress L2, Up, Left, L1, L2, L1.
Restart at Op Reverse Double-CrossPress Right, Left, Up, Left, R2, Left.
Restart at Op Tar-Be-GonePress Down, L2, R1, L2, R1, Right.
Restart at Op Turbo Dominant EaglePress Down, Right, Left, L2, R1, Right.
Restart at Op Wedding CrasherPress L2, R2, Right, Down, L1, R2.
Faster playPause the game play and enter Right, Up, R1, Right, Up, Down
Switch to Toonami Plane (enter while flying default plane)L1,R1,down,left,left,down


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Unlocking characters
name says it all
UnlockableHow to unlock
BentlyGet after the first mission in An Opera of Fear
MurrayOfficially unlocked after the Octavio boss fight
CarmelitaNot really an unlockale character, but can be used in multiplayer and some missions
Panda KingAfter A cold alliance
PenelopeAfter A Flight of Fancy
Dimitri(Yes, Dimitri from Sly 2)After Dead man tells no lies
GuruAfter rumble down under


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Attack With The Guru
The Guru has no attacks of his own, but while possessing a guard, if you press square you can attack! Best used with flashlight guards as you can almost always shoot. Even if you use this on guards the alarm won't be raised! A very useful trick, and also a very fun one!
Beating Don Octavio
When fighting Don Octavio in Venice, the hard part is waiting for the tar. To make things easier, just keep bouncing on one of the umbrellas. The Don won't be able to touch you!

When you go to the police station use one of the trampolines.
bentley hop
right before you go to the hologram for Laptop Retrieval in a Cold Alliance, get caught buy a guard and run to start the job, bentley should hop sideways into the door.
Bomb Guards from Rooftops
With Bentley, stand at the VERY edge of a rooftop while a guard is going past. Press triangle and you will drop bombs off the roof and onto the ground.

This is a handy and cool way of killing guards.
bomb in pocket
as Bentley pick pocket them dry(if you want)now hold triangle and walk behind a guard then his arm will come back then release triangle and he'll throw a bomb in his pocket
Break the Van Out Quickly in Cold Alliance
In the Cold Alliance level, when Murray has to break the van out of ice use the thunder flop and it should smash it out in two hits, which is much faster than simple punching it out of there.
For an added challenge to the game, buy the least amount of power-ups that you can. Then it will be especially hard when you get to the Tsao and Dr. M fights.
Cinematic View at Sea
While sailing in your ship in Dead Men Tell No Tales, get into a sea battle and blow up the enemy ship so you can either sink it or capture it. Then fire your cannon(s) at it. While it's sinking go into your Binocucom. When you resume sailing the camera view will change, so that you are pretty much looking down on your ship!!!
Confusing the Wolf
Ever wanted to see if you can confuse the wolf of attacking the enemies and not touching you at all? Then heres how to do it!

( You need to buy the "confuse your enemies" spray thingie,its green and when you activate it,a green spray with be around bently's wheelchair)
Ok, so first off, you need to go on to level 3 and head towards the place where you cross the bridge and you see a well and some shops, etc. Get one of the flashlight guards to walk near the wolf. So all you need to do is bring up your cam(R3)and when the guard is around, shot the arrows NEAR the guard so he'll run off and see whats the fuss.(it's a good idea to be on a rooftop) Keep doing the same thing until it's near the wolf.(or the path the wolf is heading)Hurry and activate the spray and hit the guard so the spray is around the guard's body, and he'll imediatley starts attacking the wolf. But get this, the guard has to attack with his own hands(so that doesn't mean the laser that shoots out of his gun). After he hits the wolf with his underhand the green spray will go over to the wolf, and ta-da! The wolf is in the sickness too! So go run over there, and he won't bother hitting you! Even when he's finished killing the guard! But watch out, the sickness goes away so after you go see the wolf, better run off to another guard and do the same thing again!

LOLxD Enjoy!
Cops and Robbers glitch
Sly has to have 4 points and Carmelletta has to have 0 to 4 points. Make sure Carmelletta has just enough hp to die under water and let sly put the tresure in the drop spot at the same time to give sly 6 points. No matter how many points Sly gets it will always say Sly wins but never go to the win screen. To end the glitch just get Carmelletta 5 points the win screen says Sly wins but with Carmelletta's picture
Defeating Carmelita as Sly Cooper
No! Before you even think it, this isn’t a trick used to kill Carmelita. Sorry.

This plan of action will require fast movement. (A lot of my other past tricks will probably help too)

You must lure Carmelita to a certain place depending on where you are. As of now, I only know of the “Cold Alliance” location. Run to one of the dragon statues that are along the wall of the General’s castle or temple or IDK.

Get a little distance away, NOT on the sculpture itself. Carmelita will hopefully hop onto the statue and not know where to go. She’ll be cornered and will continuously jump from one place to another over and over again failing to shoot.

The only problem with this move is that it attracts a ton of guard attention so try to get away as soon as possible.
Defeating Muggshot
On Flight of Fancy, when you play as Carmelita to defeat Muggshot, he often throws bombs at you, and shoots you, so it can be quite difficult to get a good shot at him. An easy way to attack him, is this; run towards the windmills, and use the mega-jump to jump all the way to the top of the windmill. Face the side of the windmill fan things, and Muggshot should be there, if not, he's coming. Then you can shoot him all you like, and he can't even touch you. I do this all the time. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Defeating Pirate Captains at sea
When you jump onto a ship after destroying the masts in Dead Men Tell No Tales, you will have to defeat the captain so the rest of the crew will surrender.

This is the best method to take him out:

First, use Jump Attack Level 3 one one of the crew members.

If the Captain gets hit by the blast, he will be knocked out. This is what you want to happen.

Run over to the unconscious Pirate, and keep pressing Triangle. This will keep knocking him into the air(You may hit him forward a bit so you might have to move with him).

Doing this will deplete his energy like wildfire!

When he has very little energy left you will stop doing damage. Stop hitting Triangle and let him hit the ground.

Now, any attack at all will kill him!

This technique may take some practice, but after a while you'll be able to kill Captains in about 14 seconds!
Dragon Slyer (Pig)!
This move is for Sly only (what else is new?) It works exactly like pistol redirection, only damage is guaranteed this time. If you have made it to ‘Cold Alliance’ yet, then I’m sure that you’ve encountered the infamous Chinese pig.

This move will tell you how to turn his dragon against him and will lower your damage rate at the same time.

Now like I said, this move is just like “Pistol Redirection.” Wait for him to wave his arms all stupidly, then begin charging up (your push attack) Right as he releases, you do too. You’ll probably want to actually use push attack one or two rather than three. You’ll understand I’m sure.

If you get to the dragon faster, the pig (and maybe even some other guards) will burn and you will lose less damage than you would have if you had been hit earlier without the move.

Warning: If you know that there's nothing else to do, and you are surrounded with all kinds of guards, that is the right time to use this move. Especially if you’re playing a really intense level like ‘A battery of Peril.” Also, be cautious of bomb barrels. Another thing, don’t try to use this move out on the General. I haven’t exactly leaned that yet.
Easter Egg: in-game instruction manuel!
In the level "Police HQ", after you crawl your way into Carmelita's office (the room with the key) you know the table that you crawl into the room throuh? Well, activate your binocucom and use it to look at the things on the table, one of them has the sly symbol on it and says: How to play!!
Eyeless Murray
Whenever your Murray, you can pick up any guard and shake, but make sure there's a sparkle in their pocket shake them dry, and when you pick up the valuable, Murray's white eye part will be gone. (Only happens once in a while.)
Fixing your Ship
During ship battles in Dead Men Tell No Tales, you will get hit by a few cannonballs occasionally. Your ship will take on water and continue to lose health. You can fix these leaks by running over to them and whacking it repeatedly with square.
Fool panda king!!
When you battle the panda king put on your china disguise and he will ask you a password. after he will stand there and not attack you even if you go near him!
Frozen Sly
If you stand a certain distance from a pole that you can latch onto, Sly will just hold up his cane and freeze, looking very stupid! This also works with wall hooks.
get fireworks glich
during vampiric demise in a cold alliance, make the panda king jump onto the safe that sly is working on and load as many fireworks as possible. the vampires wont be able to touch you normally or when they explode.
get on top of the panda kings fireworks turret
youll havto use bentley for this. when youre bentley, get on top of the safehouse. youll also havto have the hover pack powerup. when you see that weird spike on top of the safehouse,get on top of it. then use all 3 boosts to get up on the turret. youll prably hang of the ege, so just jump on from there. plus its good for shooting gaurds with the sleep darts.
Glitch-Make Carmelita fall forever
first, you have to kill her with your size destabilizer( as Bently). then, you have to use your bombs to force her into water.It is best to use Episode 1. It is cool!!!!
Guard duty codes
Ok, this is a bit of a spoiler, but the codes for the Coffey shops are, for the first one, 479, the 2nd one is, 968, and the third one, 113.

Guard fighting
Purchase the Instant Strike power up for Bently. Then sleep dart the guard that you use the power on. And then both guards will be fighting. The guard with the power used will not attack you but will still be a bad guard.
Higher Jump:
This move can only be performed as Sly and is one of the easiest tricks to master. You will need the feral pounce adaption.

Get a running start, press the square button, and then activate your pounce. (Try adapting it to a button that you are most used to)

Once in the air, press the X button an additional time. This will help you get a jump that is three times your normal jump.

And it will come in handy later. Trust me.
Is The Guru an Alcoholic?
In Rumble Down Under, visit the place where the Guru was being held prisoner. At the back of the enclosure is a small outhouse. It may take some searching to find, but there is a beer bottle there! I guess the Guru just needed something to pass the time!
Jedi Sly
When your Sly, find a guard with something valuable in their pocket. Then, pick them dry, and sometimes when you get the valuable, it will hover over Sly's hand making him look like he can use the Jedi Force.
Kill Carmelita
You have to be Bently to do this. you also need SIZE DESTABILIZER.Use it and whack her. Whack again NOT WITH SIZE DESTABILIZER. Use a bomb in front of her and she is now knocked out or killed. it doesn't work in sly2 so don't try it in sly 2.
Kill the Gang
At the very start of "A Cold Alliance" when Murray jumps down from the ledge, jump up on top of the first pillar, and you can use "the ball" to get back up to the ledge with the rest of the gang. Then, you can push them off the edge, and subsequently onto the ice.

You can also do this again later, when using Sly you can just glide over with your paraglider.

But the fun part is when you use Bentley. Head over to the ledge and plant a bomb beside Penelope and the Guru. They will be blown away, but they probably won't die. Repeat the attack and you will kill one of them and fail the mission!


Mmmmm, I love the smell of cooked Mice and Koalas
in the morning!!!
Loner Tower
Go to the level, "A Cold Alliance".

Select Sly in the Safehouse.

When you go outside, you should see a bridge in front of you and to the left(It's pretty far away).

Cross this bridge, and look straight ahead. There is a big tower in front of you. Head over to it.

Just before you reach this tower, you will see a bamboo shoot leading up to a ledge on your left.

Once up on this ledge, ninja spire jump on the wire leading across to the tower. Then go onto the tower itself.

Walk around the left hand side, and soon you will see a lamp that you can swing on. Use it to get onto a higher ledge to your left.

When you're on this ledge, jump onto the next level of the tower.

Go around either side, and soon you will notice a rope hanging down from the next level. Latch onto it and climb up. You are now at the top, and just to the left there is a hole in the wall.

You can go into it, but all you will find is a drop leading down to a trampoline that will take you back up again.

This may be an unfinished part of the level, as it seems stupid that you can climb to the top of a tower with nothing there(Hence the name, "Loner Tower").

You may feel like getting up here is pointless, but it is something to do, if,like me, you have nothing to do since you finished the game 100%.

But, there is a challenge involved with Loner Tower. Time to get up there with the rest of the gang! Bentley is easy enough, as long as you can use the hover pack properly it should be a cinch. The advantage Bentley has is that he can get onto the roof. Very exciting, I know. Not! But, you can sleep dart and bomb people for fun from this vantage point, so you now have a fun game! YAAY!!!

Now for the real challenge: try getting Murray up with his ball form! It's not impossible, I did it! It mostly involves finding a high point far away, and then bounce all the way. You can also get to the roof with Murray, which is perfect for doing Thunder Flops off!!!

Mega Bomb!
This move can only be performed by Bently. It requires the trigger bomb and the grapple-cam.

Throw a trigger bomb on a surface; then throw a grapple cam right next to it. Be sure to get a good distance away and pull the trigger.
There will be a massive explosion and it will destroy everything in its path.

Try returning to the “Laptop Retrieval” level in A Cold Alliance. Destroy every single solitary thing in the General’s home with only the bomb. It won’t take long; you get tons of coins, and it’s just plain fun.
Pirate ship Quick Kill
position sly at the middle of the boat and shoot the cannon at the length of your enemy's ship youll do tripple the damage
Pistol Redirection
This technique is extremely difficult to master. You won’t get it on the first try. It requires fast movement, good reflexes and a good eye. Sly's the only one for the job! (Best performed in slow motion)

With this trick, you will be able to redirect Inspector Fox's shock pistol shots in another direction rather than towards you. You may even end up hitting another enemy if you're lucky.

In order to use this move, you must purchase the push attack series. (Best used with level 3; it stays charged the longest amount of time) When it looks like Inspector Fox is about to shoot, begin charging up your push attack. Right as she raises her gun, release (O button). This will hit Inspector Fox’s bullet before it fully gains its damage, and misconduct her shooting. This may even knock Carmelita to the side giving you more time to run away. If performed correctly, you should not receive any damage, and will see her shot going in another direction.

Warning: This move is for emergencies only. If you know that there's nothing else to do, and you only have a little health left, that is the right time to use it. If you perform the move too early, Inspector Fox will have already shot, and you will not have enough time to dodge. It could cost a fatal price. Be careful.

This move cannot redirect other moves, but can stop them. (Same warning applies.) Also, be cautious of bomb barrels.
quick captain kill
when you are dealing with a pirate captain, the quickest way is to keep on using jump attack level 1 and this will kill them in 5 seconds!!!!!!

Note:It is easiest to kill them if it is a sea dog because they stay in one position if they get electricuted whereas sea cats just fly backwards
References? Maybe...
Go to Dead Men Tell No Tales for these strange... occurances. They may have been references on the producers part or it could be coincidence.
You Decide.
Go to the front door of skull keep, where there are two curvy patterns on either side of the door. Unless I'm mistaken, the left one looks like the "S" out of Sly on the cover. Also, at the top of Skull Keep, go to the door furthest away from the stairs. To the left are some broken battlements that look alarmingly like hearts with cracks down the middle.
Sea Battle Glitch
If you're aiming to capture an enemy ship in Dead Men Tell No Tales, there is a funny, stupid and useful glitch you can do.

Firstly, the ship must be a galleon (A ship where the back deck is taller than yours).

The captain will be running around like an idiot, aim your ship at the tall deck at the back and he will run up there.

If you nudge him with the pole coming out of the front of your ship you can push him onto your ship!

He won't attack you, so you can kill him easily! He'll just keep trying to get back onto his ship, but he'll just keep falling into the water!

Easy as pie. Mmmmmmm..... pie.
Secrets in the Cooper Vault
If you go through the Cooper Gauntlet in Honour Among Thieves, eventually you will reach a bit where Sly says: "This must be my father's work". There are a few points of interest about it.

To the right of the portrait there is a little green computer screen with an image of the Sly symbol on it. If you look at it for a while, the image starts to flash, and then the screen says "Hello World". Weird.

Also, if you wait in front of the laser beam, after a bit Sly says "The lasers, a thieving opportunity? No way!".

And, if you wait longer, he says "That's it! I can slide on the lasers!"

Shield of Blue Fire!
This move can only be performed by Sly and requires ‘jump attack level two or three.’ It is another Carmelita trick but unlike ‘Pistol Redirection,’ is a lot easier to use.
When Carmelita is chasing you and there is nowhere to go, find a guard, but NOT a flash light guard. Charge up as you meet him and right when you get to him, let loose. The guard will burst into explosion and when Carmelita tries to shoot, she will hit the fire instead of you.
Ship Battles
When in a ship battle, try and hit enemy boatsdown the front with your cannons. You will do much more damage!
Sly Blasting In Air
when you go in a small gap where sly can pretend to fall............try tapping the paraglide button fast so sly fly into air.

when you use the paraglide it makes sly fat and shoots you up but if you hold the paraglide button sly will shoot up but the paraglide will hold you down
Stay Safe When Hypnotized in Cops and Robbers
In two player cops and robbers when you've been hypnotized, spin the analog stick in a circle to keep from falling off buildings or into the water
Talking Croc
In "dead man tells no tales" level, when you are doing that island treasure hunting job, you can put on your pirate disguise and if you talk to a crocodile/alligator it will ask you a code or pass word.
the bomb pocket
pick the guards pocket then get close behind him and hit triangle and let go to put in his pocket and boom!!! rosted guard
time freez moving
when your muarry and you freez time the enemy stops. but when you punch them they move again
Treasure Chests at sea
While sailing the ship in Dead Men Tell No Tales, you will see treasure chests scattered across the ocean. If you smash these you will get 5 coins.

Also, if your ship has sustained damage, the chests will partially heal it!
tsao battle
in laptop retrieval in a cold alliance, second part of the battle with tsao, use spin attack lvl 1 on him, and repeat until dead. it makes it loads easyer
Tsao fight hint
When you have to fight General Tsao on the ground in the bamboo, make sure when you climb up the bamboo to evade dragon ghost things or any other attack that you press triangle when jumping down to land on Tsao with a spinning cane and knock out some of his hp.
two player
Friend always beating you at two player? Just go on the tallest building (as sly) and wait then jump off and suprise attack!
Vampiric Demise Hint
1 try going on top of the vault and destroy the zombies
2 when sly is trying to break open the last vault go on top of the gate
3. when destroying the crypt with panda king go to the dock where the boats go near it. jump on the lamp and load your fireworks and aim. try jumping if it does not get a lock on the crypt
Venice Glitch
On the Venice level near Octavios mansion if you jump on top of one of the table you are able to find the blue sparkles which mean something is there.
It is actually a small invisible tightrope which you can walk along to a building rooftop.
wolf killer
to kill that annoying wolf in the 3rd level takes good timing. get in front of the river when it over flows and right when the wolf jumps he will fall in and drown.

p.s. he will come back if you leave that area.


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A Cold Alliance glitch
After you destroy Tsao's treasurey, there will be (Idk if it's sometimes or always) a plank of wood floating above the rubble! And if you're Bentley you can latch on to it with your grapple cam. Freaky.
Drown and fall to an abyss
when doing the "X marks the spot" mission go on top of the ship when you hit the island. when you have enough life points to drown sly, jump to the water and hit the triangle button
grapple cam
in cold alliance put Bentley in a place where no guards can find him and then use the grapple cam and grapple it to the place where Bentley needs to go and he will appear there and start the mission
Inside Red Barrons Castle
To do this you will need to be on the level Fligt of Fancy. You need the grapple cam. grapple to a blimp.Then find the three windows in the middle. You can only stay in the one room.It might take a couple of trys.
Slap the Gaurd
Go to a level as bently (i did opera of fear) and let a light guard shoot you. Quickly shoot the guard with the sleep dart gun. Once he's asleep, go up to his head and press the square button as fast as you can. If done right, his head should look like it's being slapped.
Unlimited Coins!!!
Make sure you've purchased the Paraglider.
Go to Holland and catapult/climb to the top of the Black Baron's Hangar.
Smash the boxes and collect the coins. Then catapult off and paraglide
back on to the hangar. The boxes should reappear. Smash, collect, and repeat the process as much as you want. Enjoy! <( ' v ' )>
Walk on air
In "An Opera of Fear" go to the spot where bently sung with Octavio. Right where the rope connecting the stage to the rooftops used to be it should glow blue. Jump and hit the circle button and you should can run along where it used to be.

Easter eggs

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Ok, this is'nt really a cheat but its something real real fun.

Go on 'Flight of Fancy' and do 'Semi finals' but instead of shooting people go down and shoot stuff like "hay,wind mills,scarecrows" stuff like that. Also you can smash the bridges and it'll be like your in world war 2

PS You can also fly into the hay,trees and Scarecrows and you wont get hurt!


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Dissappearing bombs
First,get a bomb on an object and then you have to destroy the object quickly before the bomb explodes and it should dissappear.Cool!!!
get chinese rock in venice
You have to find a big plant thing that has stools and not a flat bottom and then you have to use Murrey to pick up a snow-covered rock underneath it!!!!!
get up to Panda King in middle of level
when Murray throws you up to the pinwheel, try and jump onto the log thats right in front of you when you spire jump. Then you have to glide over to the Panda King
Kill Carmelita!!!
You can kill Carmelita! Just stalk her, lay a bomb next to her to stun her (as Bentley) and use the size disabler, then whack her to defeat her.

muggshot's battle
In the mission where you activate the smashing thing as Murray, stand on top of it at the back. Let at least 4 enemies start throwing that orange stuff, and hit the Temporal Lock. It will freeze the 4, and go and press the button. Say hello to smashing Muggshot AND 4 enemies!

Dimitri's Greasy Sweet Music Video: Complete Game 100%
Goobye My Sweet Part 1: Beat Tutorial Episode
Goobye My Sweet Part 2: Beat around 65%-70%
Deleted sly cooper games: Complete atleast 80%
Credits: Beat last boss