Sly and the gang narrowly avoided defeat and the team is in disarray. Bentley was hospitalized after the final battle with Clockwerk at the end of Sly 2: Band of Thieves and is now confined to a wheelchair. Murray, feeling responsible for Bentley's tragic accident, has left the team and chosen a path of non-violence and solace. Meanwhile, Sly visits an aging member of his father's gang, who shares with Sly the location of their old hideout and resting place of the Cooper family fortune. Arriving at this hidden location, Sly discovers another gang of thugs attempting to blast their way inside. Sly and Bentley are overmatched and quickly realize they will need considerable help to defeat this new rival. Their recruiting starts with Murray, and once back on-board, Sly, Murray and Bentley set out to enlist some new faces and some old enemies, to join their crew. It will take a team of World Class thieves to pull off this World Class heist.


With its sophisticated, yet accessible gameplay, Sly: Honor Among Thieves truly is the game for PlayStation 2 fans of all ages, offering unique and diverse gameplay, a challenging and exciting dual analog stick multiplayer mode, new vehicles, mini-games, gadgets, enhanced combat move sets and much more. Sly, Bentley and Murray are on the prowl for a new band of recruits as they prepare for the ultimate elaborate heist in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


  • Players will be able to play head-to-head and cooperative missions in multiplayer, split screen modes.
  • In addition to Sly, Murray and Bentley, gamers will experience many new playable characters, including Inspector Carmelita Fox, Lounge Lizard Dimitri and a unique cast of other villains – each with their own unique move set.
  • Extensive replay value with power-up objectives, a scoring system, multiplayer challenges, mini-games and more. Players also can utilize the time machine feature which will allow them to replay mini-games and missions they have completed using new moves, abilities or disguises to see how high they can score.
  • Earn more money and locate more collectibles with an enhanced economy system through an expanded "Thiefnet." "Thiefnet" will feature a richer set of meaningful items, extra items to purchase and a more complex pricing model with a bigger "hideout" for stashing and collecting unique items.
  • Conquer challenging, complex heists in robust, open exotic environments in settings like Venice, Holland, the outback and China.
  • Sly becomes a master of disguise, enabling him to sneak into heavily guarded areas unnoticed. These disguises will affect not only Sly's look, but also his personality and move set.
  • Learn exciting moves for Sly, Murray and Bentley including a new range of powerful combat attacks for Sly, special geeky gadget wheelchair moves for Bentley, and new brawler moves for Murray.
  • New varied, sophisticated enemy interactions and artificial intelligence means enemy guards now offer more challenges to players, and redouble their efforts to defeat Sly and his gang.
  • Uncover hidden messages in works of art with the help of Bentley who can examine the pieces to reveal clues.
  • Experience a great variety of gameplay and features with new vehicles, gadgets and mini-games and moves all wrapped in an engaging, animated comic caper.

This game is also known as Sly Raccoon 3: Honour Among Thieves in Europe.

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Jul 25, 12 9:54am
Best in the series! Get it while you can! Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Feb 20, 10 7:25am
I love this series it is and will always be in my heart! Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Scarlet Gamer
Aug 18, 09 8:30pm
Really fun. Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Jun 29, 09 4:43am
Another great game! This series is DEFINITELY a legend!! Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Jun 9, 09 11:33am
pure awsomeness favorite game ever(i hope for a fourth one) Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Feb 21, 09 6:53am
love this game Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Feb 5, 09 9:21am
9/10 Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Jan 27, 09 1:41pm
Third of my favorite seried, bought used, still haven't beaten it 100%, still has the booklet. Sly3HonorAmongThieves
Nov 27, 08 3:30am
100% completion!!! Man, it was difficult. Never again! Sly3HonorAmongThieves
May 27, 08 7:10am
8.5/10 Sly3HonorAmongThieves
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  • Europe: Oct 18, 2005
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