Slender: The Eight Pages Tips

Avoid the Multiple Bathroom
Right at the very beginning, before you collect ANY pages, head slightly to the left, straight ahead of you (using a map from a website will help with this) and go to the 'multiple bathroom' (the brick building that upon entering, has white tiled walls and floors) and find the note in there (if any). Get accustomed with the building and figure out a quick escape route. Grab the note and escape as quick as possible and continue with the game.

The reason for this is because Slenderman can trap you in that building REALLY easy. Infact, almost every time you go into that building he will trap you.

Mod Edit: It should be clarified that Slederman WILL follow you but he will be slow to start and it's just considered ideal to get this note (if it appears there) earlier because he can more easily catch you in the building.