Sleeping Dogs (PC) Cheats

Sleeping Dogs cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Health Shrines on mini-map
Complete the second popstar mission to make Amanda appear outside of your apartment. Take her on a tour of the city including the Bam Bam Club and Temple, and end of the martial art dojo. Complete the training exercise to end this mission, opening up the option to allow you to date Amanda. Complete a date with her will make any unclaimed Health Shrines appear on your mini-map.
Jade Statues on mini-map
Complete the Bam Bam Club mission to unlock the option to meet Tiffany at the Club by calling her during the afternoon or evening. Achieve a score of 90% or more while singing with her to complete the side mission, allowing any unclaimed Jade Statues to appear on the mini-map.
Lockboxes on mini-map
When you achieve 70% game complete, you will gain access to the "Important Visitor" mission. Completing this will allow you to get in contact with Ilyana, who challenges you to a street race. Complete the side mission by beating her in the race, allow any unopened Lockboxes to appear on your mini-map.
Spy Cameras on mini-map
After completing the "A Big Betrayal" mission, Not Ping will get in contact with you, and you'll need to go to an area to hack its camera. Successfully complete the side-mission to make Spy Cameras appear on your mini-map.

Easter eggs

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Just Cause 2 Outfit
If you start a game with a Just Cause 2 save file on the same storage device where your Sleeping Dogs save file will go, you can earn a bonus cosutme based on the main character's design from JC2.