Sky Surfer (Import) Cheats

Sky Surfer (Import) cheats, and Codes for PS2.

Older Cheats:

Sky Surfer Cheats


AvalancheTriangle, Circle, Circle, Square
Bending ReedTriangle, Square, X Circle
Burner SpeedCircle, Circle, Circle, Square
Free FallTriangle, X, X Triangle
Menhouse SurpriseSquare, Triangle, X
Opening Touring CarSquare, Square, Square, Circle
PropellerSquare, Triangle, X Circle
Rolling Barrel LeftX Circle, Circle, X
Rolling Barrel RightX Square, Square, X
ScorpionCircle, Triangle, X
Snow BallTriangle, Square, Square, Circle
The PlateTriangle, X Triangle, XThe Plate
Tidy Bowel In The HoleSquare, X Circle, X

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