[edit] Background

Five years after the first Skate, a horrendous earthquake has hit the make-believe city of San Vanelona and now Mongo Co. are rebuilding it. They have no tolerance for skateboarding, so don't let them catch you.

[edit] Gameplay

Skate 2 allows the players to control the skateboard to perform various tricks by moving the analog controllers around. In the second game, you will be able to move your hands and feet freely, as well as roam about San Vanelona.

[edit] Features

  • Double your bag of tricks: Take to the streets and own the spots of New San Van with new tricks like one-foots, handplants, hippy jumps, and more.
  • Move it!: Get off your board and move stuff to create your ultimate spots to skate and destroy.
  • Change the face of the city: You can't rebuild the scene alone. Call on your crew to uncap the spots, drain the pools, and provide some personal security.
  • Compete in the Hall of Meat: Punish your skater in the harshest ways possible with all-new bone-crushing bail physics. The new Thrasher Hall of Meat mode features brutal slam challenges complete with gestures to customize your gnarliest bails.
  • Create your skate spots: After you've moved stuff around to create the best spots, show them off. Upload your custom spots, download other gamers' stuff to skate, and vote on whose spots rule.
  • Join in even more online skating: Roll seamlessly between single player and online skate sessions and compete for cold hard cash and/or glory in the new competitive online modes.
  • Express yourself: Use the Graphics Creator to build custom graphics, then slap them on your hats, hoodies, and decks. Now that you've personalized your skater, film your sickest lines with the expanded skate.Reel and share your vids with the world.

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Erebos Static
Dec 8, 09 2:19pm
cool controls. really fun Skate2
Nov 4, 09 6:21pm
Aug 4, 09 11:52am
I LOVE THIS GAME, that is all I' m going to say Skate2
May 6, 09 9:17pm
Enjoyed Skate and would like to pick this up at some point. Skate2
Apr 18, 09 12:51pm

Things have Changed

San Vanelona. A sunny skater's paradise, with sweet rails, gnarly...

Apr 13, 09 9:03am
Alien Workshop is the pimpage Skate2
Deathsythe blogged
Feb 19, 09 7:23pm

A more personal post should be coming soon, but I'm on my PDA at the moment.
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  • Super Mario World - custom level hacking
  • Show off your gear photo shoot (gallery.neo)
That's all for now, I really should be paying attention in circuits lecture. :(

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Jan 24, 09 12:36pm
Cool ass game freemode is best Skate2
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